Kulfi Kumar Vikram plots a shocker for Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Vikram plots a shocker for Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Vikram plots a shocker for Sikandar Sikandar’s truth gets revealed that he was posing as Murphy Singh to be close to his daughter Kulfi. Vikram accuses Sikandar for being a liar always. He scolds Sikandar for his fraud ways. He tells Sikandar that he would have done everything to ruin the shoot. He counts his losses and vents his anger. Sikandar tells him that he has done everything to save Kulfi from the wrong. He feels Vikram is risking Kulfi’s image by making her shoot for wrong videos. He asks Vikram to realize his mistake. Vikram loses his cool when Sikandar argues. Vikram asks him how can it be right for Amyra if it wasn’t right for Kulfi. He accuses Sikandar for being a selfish father and creating a hurdle in his daughter’s success.

He tells Kulfi that Sikandar has done everything to get success for Amyra. Sikandar defends his intentions. He didn’t know about Amyra shooting in that video. He tells Vikram that the moment he came to know about Amyra’s song video, he got it removed from the internet. He loves both Kulfi and Amyra. Vikram feels Sikandar is making Amyra famous. Sikandar asks Kulfi if she doesn’t trust him. Mia wants to take Kulfi with her. Sikandar stops Kulfi to ask her if he would do anything wrong with her. Kulfi gets emotional.

She tells him that she trusted him before, but he shattered her trust always. She feels he didn’t do anything right with her. He hugs her and promises to reveal their relation to the world. Kulfi doesn’t forgive him and tells him that now she will deny their relation, she will never accept him as her father. Vikram calls the police to arrest Sikandar. Lovely and Amyra cry for Sikandar. Sikandar faces an arrest. He gets angry when the media troubles him. Sikandar bashes the reporters who come in his way. Kulfi cries seeing his arrest.

Mia consoles Kulfi. Kulfi and Amyra can’t see their father in such a mess. Lovely stops Amyra from going to Sikandar. She takes Amyra home. Vikram is happy that Sikandar landed in jail. He tells Kulfi that now she can sing in the parties and Sikandar won’t come in her way. Kulfi opposes such songs performances. Vikram asks her to just follow the path to success. He tells her that he is trying to make her career. Kulfi cries sharing her feelings with Mia. Kulfi tells Mia that she wants to sing from her heart. Mia and Tia pacify Kulfi. Vikram feels he will snatch everything from Sikandar. Mia is lost. Vikram tells Mia that he loves her a lot and now he will take advantage of Kulfi’s talent.

He wants to get successful by using Kulfi. He knows Mia is attached to Kulfi. He wants to upload Kulfi’s song video on the internet to make her famous. He calls the media to praise Kulfi and her new video. Sikandar gets the bail and goes home. He gets to see the video of Kulfi’s new song. Amyra stops Sikandar from watching the video. Sikandar gets a new shock after seeing the song video. Mia reprimands Vikram for being so heartless and using a little child for his selfish motives. Mia gets protective of Kulfi.

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