Kulfi Kumar Nonstop Tricking Kulfi Amyra clash

Kulfi Kumar struggles Kidnapping twist intensifies

Kulfi Kumar Nonstop Tricking Kulfi Amyra clash Amyra and Kulfi introduce themselves on the stage. They are happy. Amyra wants to teach a lesson to Kulfi. She tries to insult Kulfi. Kulfi doesn’t take it seriously. She tells Amyra that there is a burp competition in her village as well. She gets talking innocently. Sikandar laughs seeing her. He is happy that Kulfi isn’t breaking down by Amyra’s plans. Kulfi hears his laugh and feels he is around. She looks for him. Sikandar hides from her. Lovely finds Gunjan taking Amyra’s belongs. She stops Gunjan to ask her what is she doing. She wants to know what’s happening. Kulfi goes to the director’s room. She senses Sikandar’s presence. She wants to know if he is lying again. Amyra thinks Kulfi has gone to talk to director.

She follows Kulfi. Sikandar learns that both of them are coming inside the office area. He fears that they may see him. He asks the director to help him hide, there has to be some way to hide. He finds no way to hide. They both get in and get a shock on seeing Sikandar, posing as a wax statue. Kulfi asks Sikandar why did he lie and hide from them. Amyra asks Kulfi is she mad to believe that he is for real. She tells that Sikandar’s wax statue isn’t their dad. Kulfi and Amyra check him and get tricked. Sikandar gets relieved that he got saved. Director asks Amyra and Kulfi to play sisters. Amyra refuses at first.

Director threatens to throw her out of the play. Amyra agrees to him. Kulfi and Amyra perform in the play. Amyra vents anger on Kulfi. Sikandar gets worried watching them. Kulfi fails to render the lines well. Everyone laughs on her since she has no experience. Director asks Kulfi to pick the one chance she got and prove her talents. He goes to Sikandar and tells him that Kulfi and Amyra are just fighting. He feels this play can’t happen. Sikandar gets an idea and asks him to believe him. Director asks everyone to move the props until he tells them.

He explains them the power of unity. Kulfi sings a song and is happy. Everyone praises Kulfi, which angers Amyra. Mia gets a call from play director. Mia asks Kulfi to give her best at the play. She informs about the change of venue. Amyra fools Kulfi by giving the wrong location to fool Kulfi. She asks the director to give the lead role to her, since Kulfi will not come back. Amyra convinces the director.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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