TellyReviews Spoilers Bahu Begum Raabta Top 5

Bahu Begum Latest Twist Adil ruins Shayra baby dreams

TellyReviews Spoilers Bahu Begum Raabta Top 5 Bahu Begum: Noor emotionally blackmails Shayra and gets ready to marry Khalid. Razia brings Noor for the marriage. Shayra looks at Noor and gets tensed. Khalid sits for the marriage. Razia makes Noor sit for the marriage. Shayra thinks she can’t let this marriage happen and thinks she shall do something. She comes running to Azaan. Maulvi Saheb asks Noor if she agrees to marry Khalid. Noor waits for Shayra to bring Azaan. Azaan tries to romance Shayra by giving her rose. She asks him to marry Noor and divorce her. Azaan is shocked and refuses to marry Noor.

Shayra gives him a promise and asks him to marry Noor and save her life. She tells him that Khalid is not the right guy for Noor. She forces Azaan to marry Noor. Shayra and Noor don’t know that Khalid went to the kitchen after Shayra left and lighted the fire knowing Faiz is at the backside of the haveli. He killed Faiz to marry Noor, but Shayra makes Azaan marry Noor angering Khalid and upsetting Razia.

Jaat Na Poocho: Pujan Pandey gets angry watching Suman’s video on news channel and the reporter’s take on the news. He thinks his own daughter is ruining his respect because of Badal. Suman calls Shashi and thanks to her for help. Shashi asks Suman where is she? Suman tells that they have taken shelter in a house and tells the address. Pujan Pandey asks Shashi about Suman’s address. Shashi asks him if he will bring Suman alive or will bring her dead body. Pujan Pandey comes to the house and sees Badal and Suman sleeping on the bed together. He gets angry and fumes. He aims the gun to shoot at Badal and Suman, but his hands start shaking.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Mayura accepts Ram’s proposal to make Rivaaj jealous and to torture his family. Ram asks Servant to bring Premlatha’s jewelry. The servant brings jewelry. Ram asks Mayura to select jewellery for herself. Mayura picks a ring. Premlatha says it is of my marriage. Mayura selects a ring and wears it. She announces to everyone that she has accepted Rivaaj’s proposal and shows off the ring. Rivaaj watches on CCTV and gets angry. Premlatha and others are shocked too. Mayura searches for Rukmani.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Ketki asks Malhar to check if Dinkar was also a terrorist and search for clues in her house. She tells that she will also come with him. Kalyani thinks she won’t let Ketki succeed. Malhar and Ketki leave to go to her house. Kalyani comes to Anupriya and Aao Saheb and asks what does a vamp do to trap hero in her love trap. Anupriya says vamp makes hero drink wine or something which makes them drunk. Kalyani says we have to go to Ketki’s house and says Malhar is not fine. Anupriya says she will come with her.

Ketki makes Malhar consume spiked drink while they are on the way to her house. After reaching her house, she tries to get closer to Malhar and tells him that she has hidden her love for him for many years and asks him to let her express her love in front of him. Malhar is drowsy and couldn’t figure out her plans. Kalyani comes there at the right time and saves Malhar from Ketki’s conspiracy.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Maha Maya has made Mohini injured with the knife possessed with evil powers. Maha Maya and Adhiraj are about to catch her, but Mohini escapes from there. Mohini is very determined to go to the temple. She tries to reach the temple and do puja. Bhujang and his clan wait for Mohini to come to the temple. Mohini reaches there just before the time would end and completes her puja. She gets darshan of Mata Mansa. Maha Maya’s real avatar is going to be exposed before Bhujang and Mohini.


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