Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Hits Danger looms on Raman

Ye Hai Mohabbatein Danger looms around Yug

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Hits Danger looms on Raman The elders ask for Ishita and Mani repeatedly. Simmi and Mihika get lying to them, but fail to cover up the matter completely. The elders suspect that there is something hidden. They get adamant to meet Ishita. Bala calls Mani and asks him to come home with Ishita. He tells Mani that elders don’t know about Raman as of now and they have to soon break the news to them, since lying to them isn’t easy for anyone. He asks Mani to convince Ishita to come home. Ishita’s mum asks Bala if Ishita is away. Bala assures her that Ishita will come soon. Bala calls Ishita and asks her to come home for having the special dinner prepared by elders.

Ishita feels helpless. She doesn’t want to leave Raman alone knowing the danger is still looming around. She asks Mani how can she get away from Raman even for an hour. Ruhi tells Ishita that they can’t lie to elders all the time. She suggests that they tell the complete truth of Raman’s accident to elders. She feels everyone has a right to know about him. She convinces Ishita to go home for some time. The family returns home and appears normal. They are happy to have the south indian feast. Bhuvan spies on them and informs Arijit that Bhallas look happy and normal. Arijit can’t believe this and wonders what’s happening.

He thinks to meet Bhallas to confront Ishita directly. The family shares a good time. Arijit reaches them to show fake concern. He tells Ishita that he wanted to meet her since long. He asks her who is in the hospital, whom did Ruhi visit there. Ishita conceals about Raman. Simmi tells Arijit that she got a foot sprain and sent Ruhi and Aaliya to collect her x-ray reports. Simmi cooks up a story to conceal the matter from elders too. Arijit thinks they are very smart to lie on the spot. Mani gets Shagun’s call. He lies to her that everything is going well. Shagun hears the nurse and asks him if he is at the hospital.

He doesn’t want her to leave her NGO work and rush back home. He lies that he had got a friend for quick aid. He asks Shagun not to worry for him. He calls Ishita to ask her not to tell anything to Shagun. Ishita asks Mani not to worry, she will lie to Shagun if she gets a call. Mani tells her that Raman is fine. She wants to get back to the hospital. She thinks Mani is still there and didn’t eat any food by now. Ishita and her children head back to the hospital by lying to elders and Arijit. Ishita asks Mani to have food.

Mani thanks Ishita for the concern. She asks him to stay strong as well. Ishita tells them about the masked kidnapper. Karan tells that they could get some CCTV footage to know the kidnapper. They try to find the CCTV camera. They don’t get any footage. The watchman helps them and gives a footage from his mobile app. He tells them that someone has de-plugged the CCTV camera deliberately. Karan, Yug and Mani get to see the real culprit captured in the footage, that leaves them shocked. Mani decides to tell the truth to Ishita. Will they learn Arijit’s truth? Keep reading for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Hits Highlights.

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