Kasautii Anurag invites troubles Bajaj to rescue

Kasautii Bajaj introduces Anurag to death SHOCKING

Kasautii Anurag invites troubles Bajaj to rescue Mohini is angry that Mr. Bajaj’s family is behaving so bad with them. Nivedita tells Mohini that Mr. Bajaj did wrong to scold Prerna and badly treat her. Anurag hears them and gets confused. He is angry and doesn’t want anyone to hurt Prerna. Mohini asks Nivedita why did she project Prerna as a victim, Anurag may grow a soft corner for her again. She feels Nivedita has done a big mistake. Anurag meets Prerna. They get into a moment. He asks her if Mr. Bajaj got rude towards her. She asks him to mind his own business. Mr. Bajaj tells Sneha that he would apologize to Prerna. She asks him not to scold Prerna again. Mr. Bajaj spends time with her.

Prerna tells Anurag that he should better focus on his own family. He tells her that she completes his family. She reminds his marriage with Mr. Bajaj. He doesn’t listen to her. He asks her if she doesn’t love her. She doesn’t want to answer him. Nivedita tells Anupam that maybe Prerna’s decision has some reason behind it, which they don’t know. Anupam asks her to leave Anurag and Prerna on their own. Prerna cries thinking of Anurag. She feels sorry. Anurag is happy that Prerna loves him. He tells Nivedita that Prerna still loves him. She asks him not to think of Prerna now. She wants him to stop himself.

He wants to ruin Mr. Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj tells him that he knows Anurag’s plans. He asks Anurag not to do anything wrong. He accepts that he did wrong, but tells that even Anurag isn’t innocent. He warns Anurag against ruining himself by meeting the London investors, who are business sharks. He asks Anurag not to risk his family business. Anurag argues with him and thinks Mr. Bajaj is warning about Prerna. He asks Mr. Bajaj if he is scared. Mr. Bajaj tells him how his life changed when he was young, since then he has no relation with fear. Mr. Bajaj wants to help Prerna and her family financially. Maasi prepares Tanvi to take Prerna’s place in Mr. Bajaj’s life. Mohini insults them for living on free funds.

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  1. Wow…they are turning this into a one man show. They should change the title of this shit into “ The 1001 victories of Bajaj the robot on his wife lover”. They’ve cast a second rated actor and now they are duty bound to show him in a good light as the boy with the Midas touch. With the bimbo talking to her mother in the bedroom with the robot nearby you don’t have to be Ekta Kapoor to know what happened next. The bimbo will be well impressed. What about the bimbo she is changing position so much that she makes the Kama Sutra looks tame. Now how many times the makers of these TV serials have cut and pace the scene where the husband and wife who were not supposed to get married with either the wife or husband sleeps on the sofa and then end up in the sac together..100 times….no 300 times…1000 times…just lost count…what rubbish. Either Ekta or the student script writer has a sadistic side to their own personality to think of ousting the lover from his room and move in the robot and the bimbo. I am sure they will call this drama.


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