Rishtey Pyaar Abir Mishti face the huge break ups

Rishtey Pyaar Abir Mishti face the huge break ups

Rishtey Pyaar Abir Mishti face the huge break ups Mishti refuses to accept Kuhu as her sister. She tells Rajshri that Kuhu never had a sisterly bond with her, they just pretended to love each other. Rajshri asks them if they acted till now in front of the family. Kuhu tells her that they didn’t wish to hurt her. Meenakshi asks Rajshri to take time and talk to her daughters. Meenakshi and Rajvansh family leave from there. Varsha shatters knowing the upcoming troubles in Kuhu’s life. Vishwamber asks Varsha why didn’t she tell the truth to Meenakshi before. Kuhu defends Varsha and tells them that she had lied to them, she couldn’t get courage to tell the truth to Kunal. Kuhu gets worried that maybe Meenakshi will break the alliance.

After reaching home, Abir asks Kunal if he will go for the marriage happening tomorrow. Kunal tells him that he is confused, since all things can’t come together with love, and just love isn’t enough alone to survive all odds. He talks as if he doesn’t love Kuhu, which surprises Abir. Kunal tells Abir that Kuhu and Mishti lied to them always. Parul explains him that sometimes even good people get compelled to lie to maintain the harmony in relations, it doesn’t mean that they end up relations with them.

She is also hiding the truth from Kunal, that she is his real mum. She doesn’t want to reveal the past. Meenakshi tells them that Kuhu has also lied to them, and it can’t be forgiven. Abir tells her that Mishti isn’t such evil to do such a thing. He doesn’t know why she did this. She asks him to just think of Kunal. Mishti doesn’t know if Abir believes her or not. She wants Kuhu’s marriage to happen well. Mishti packs her bags and tells Rajshri that everyone hates her now, she will stay with her friend and come back once Kuhu gets married. Rajshri tries to stop her. Abir doesn’t know why Mishti has kept those secrets from him. He wants to know who is compelling Mishti. Parul wants to find some way to save Kunal’s happiness.

She decides to tell the truth to Abir that Meenakshi is behind this. Kuhu comes to meet Kunal with all the hopes that they will get married. Abir wants to know the reason for Mishti’s shocking behavior. Mishti is hurt to get away from the family. She shatters and hopes that Abir believes her. Meenakshi plans to break Kunal and Kuhu’s marriage. Kunal supports Meenakshi’s decision. Vishwamber asks Meenakshi not to break the marriage. Meenakshi keeps a decision and asks him to end ties with Mishti. Abir meets Mishti to know the truth. He hugs her and asks her not to lie to him. He wants to know the person playing evil to break the relations.

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