Spoilers Promos Choti Sarrdaarni Vish Bepannah Pyaar

Choti Sardarni Colors Latest Storm for Meher Sarabjeet

Spoilers Choti Sarrdaarni Vish Bepannah Pyaar Meher loses her cool when she learns that Kulwant had spiked the drink to kill the baby in her womb. She threatens to kill herself to ruin Kulwant’s selfish motives. She asks Kulwant how could she drug her and fall so low. Kulwant clears her misunderstanding and tells her that her child isn’t dead. Meher finds hard to believe her. Kulwant finally gets Meher and Sarabjeet married. She wants to reap benefits from their new relations with Sarabjeet. Manav wants Meher to step into her new life with Sarabjeet, who is her reality. He asks Meher to stop living in dreams and accept the reality. Sarabjeet promises Meher to always support her till the last breath of his life. Meher gets a hearty welcome in his family.


Aaliya stops Aditya and Sabrina’s marriage. She stops Sabrina from reaching the mandap. She becomes the bride and takes her place. She captures Sabrina. She marries Aditya. She wants to save Aditya’s life from Sabrina. Sabrina gets late and reaches the mandap. Aaliya has to work hard and turn Aditya into a human again. She doesn’t want Aditya to lose his identity by becoming a Vishpurush.

Bepannaah Pyaar:

Raghbir gets angry when someone teases Pragati. He beats the goons. Pragati assists Raghbir in the fight. She hits Raghbir by mistake. He asks her to beat the goons instead him. She reminds Raghbir of Bani by behaving such. He gets attracted towards Pragati when she acts like Bani. He thinks how can this happen. He loves Bani a lot. Pragati reminds about Bani’s death. She wants to know the truth. She feels Raghbir has killed Bani. She has survived the fall and wants to take revenge on Raghbir. Pragati will soon know that Bani’s belief on love and Raghbir wasn’t wrong, it was someone else who killed Bani. Pragati will be learning about their hidden enemy, who framed Raghbir for Bani’s death.


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