Kasautii Bajaj Prerna to face evil conspiracies

Kasautii Divorce twist complicates the love triangle

Kasautii Bajaj Prerna to face evil conspiracies Maasi plans to use Sneha against Prerna to break Mr. Bajaj and Prerna’s marriage. She wants to prove that Prerna isn’t a good mother for Sneha. Prerna puts Sneha to sleep. Mr. Bajaj finds them and is relieved. Shivani calls up Prerna and tells that Veena is working for Mr. Vyas in his event management company. She asks Prerna to stop Veena from working. Prerna calls Veena and asks her not to work in this age, since she is already a heart patient.

She doesn’t want Veena to get physical strain. Veena tells her that she wants to share Shekhar’s load and earn money for the family. Prerna offers to help Veena and give her money. Mr. Bajaj overhears their conversation and realizes that Veena is falling short of money and working hard. Veena refuses to take any help from Prerna. She feels Prerna isn’t her old daughter now.

Meanwhile, Anurag and Nivedita celebrate Raksha bandhan. Mr. Bajaj thinks Prerna is helpless again. He respects that she is a loving person who cares for family a lot. He consoles Prerna. He tells her that helplessness changes a person forever.

He asks her to try to sort her mum’s problem. He gets emotional thinking of his mother, whom he lost long back. Mohini interrupts when Tanvi shouts on Nivedita. She asks Tanvi why does she leave the house if she is Mr. Bajaj’s relative. She asks Tanvi and Maasi to leave, since relatives have no share in the house. Maasi asks Tanvi not to forget the target, they have to break Mr. Bajaj and Prerna’s marriage.

She guides Tanvi to take Prerna’s place. She asks Tanvi not to react on Mohini’s taunts. Nivedita too taunts Tanvi and asks her to leave their house. Maasi and Tanvi meet Sneha. They wonder how did Prerna win Mr. Bajaj’s heart by impressing him so much. Sneha runs to Prerna. She gets affection from Prerna. Mr. Bajaj happens to see Moloy in the garden area and asks him to leave. Prerna takes Moloy with her.

She tells Mr. Bajaj about Moloy’s caring side. She asks him not to hurt Basu family. He asks her to better focus on Veena and reconcile with her. He tells Prerna that it won’t be right if Veena works in this age.

He hopes that Prerna’s family accepts their marriage. Veena happens to come to Basu house for a party event. Mohini and Nivedita don’t leave any chance to insult her. Prerna reveals to Veena that Mr. Bajaj has taken over Basu house. Nivedita congratulates Veena for getting an elderly son-in-law, who has gifted his daughter to Prerna. Maasi thinks to take advantage of Veena’s hatred for Prerna. She makes an evil plan against Mr. Bajaj and Prerna. Will Mr. Bajaj learn the evil truth of Maasi and Tanvi, and protect Sneha from becoming their target? Keep reading.

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