Star Bharat Zaroon Ronak face twists of danger

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Star Bharat Zaroon Ronak face twists of danger Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Dr. Sharma tells Nadim that he has come to treat Kainat. Nadim asks him to meet Kainat. They see the fire explosion. Nadim tells him that its Kainat’s room. Dr. Sharma rushes to save Kainat. Mamoon gives money to Sabina. She blackmails him and asks him to keep paying her. Mamoon doesn’t want his crimes to get exposed. He wants to pay for the last time. Ghazala finds them together and is disturbed. Kainat is angry that Dr. Sharma has saved Saltanat. Dr. Sharma rescues Saltanat and takes her out of the room. Kainat tells Zainab that Saltanat is rigid, she isn’t dying at all. Zainab is thankful that Saltanat is fine.

She recalls Kainat’s childhood crime when Kainat kills his dad Naved and his lover Sakshi. She had buried them behind the walls to hide the crime. Ghazala asks Mamoon why does she meet Sabina always. He tells her the truth that Sabina is blackmailing him and he gave money to get rid of her. He tells that he just loves her and hugs her. Rubina asks Dr. Sharma to treat Kainat and make her recover. She thanks him for saving Kainat. Ghazala informs Zaroon about the incident. Zaroon rushes home. Two goons try to kidnap Zaroon. Dr. Sharma sees them and rushes to save Zaroon. He becomes Zaroon’s savior as well.


Muskaan and Suzaina follow Dipendar hoping to find a clue against Sir ji. They reach Sir ji and are unaware that its a trap. Sir ji catches them and ties a bomb to them. He calls the police to get Ronak there. Ronak is brought there. Ronak gets to see Muskaan with the bomb around her. Sir ji tells Ronak that the entire system works for him. He asks Ronak who wants to die first. Ronak asks him to check the news first before he kills them. Sir ji gets the shocking news when the media blames him for the serial blasts. Sir ji can’t believe that he is accused. Ronak laughs on Sir ji and recalls his superb plan.

He had taken Hanumant’s help to record Sir ji’s plans. He had blackmailed the minister to get him in his favor. Sir ji gets angry that his system went against him. Sir ji shoots at Ronak, but the latter gets saved. Ronak saves Muskaan. Suzaine wants to kill Sir ji and runs to him with the bomb tied up. Sir ji saves himself and pushes Dipendar towards Suzaine. Dipendar and Suzaine die in the blast. Sir ji flees from there. Lovely calls Dipendar. Ronak and Muskaan come home. Ronak breaks the news that Dipendar is dead. Lovely curses Muskaan that she will also lose Ronak. She loses her cool and holds Muskaan responsible for Dipendar’s death.


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