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Star Plus Thrill Suspense Twists Read Two Upcomings Shashank proceeds for his surgery. He tells Juhi that he wants to live and he is giving this big responsibility to her. He praises her as the best surgeon and chooses her as the successor to his position of chief of surgery. He wants Juhi to head Sanjivani. Anjali gets depressed overhearing their conversation. Anjali is too adamant to get his position since its her dream to head Sanjivani. She gets disappointed that her father doesn’t believe in her capabilities. She forgets the fair explanation Shashank has given her. She just feels he is doing injustice with her. She cares for the post more than his life. Anjali leaves from the operation theatre.

Juhi doesn’t want Shashank and Anjali’s terms to get spoiled, since he needs all the prayers and best wishes for his surgery. She doesn’t want anyone to bitter heart for Shashank. Juhi asks him to talk to Anjali once. Dr. Rishabh checks a patient’s reports. Ishani is angered because of Sid’s unfair decisions. The patient blames Rishabh for duping them by putting charges of many unnecessary tests. Ishani tries to explain the man that the CT scan was also necessary. Ishani tries to study about the patient.

She finds the patient. She asks the girl’s patients to give their consent for the surgery, which is really necessary. Ishani understands the solution of the tough case. The man doesn’t understand why the surgery is needed for abdominal pain. Ishani tells them that she will explain everything post the surgery. The girl faints suddenly. Ishita rushes her to the operation theatre. Juhi is stressed since Shashank’s life is a big responsibility. She doesn’t want to make any mistake in the tricky surgery. She is scared. She loses her courage. Vardaan brainwashes Anjali. They ask Juhi to operate Shashank soon, else his condition can get worse.

Juhi doesn’t understand anything. She screams out and cries. Ishani impresses Rishabh by her medical skills. He asks her not to break any rules again. Ishani performs the surgery well. She gets against Sid again. She gets a proof against Sid. She wants Vardaan to fire Sid. She doesn’t know Sid’s intentions and tags him a corrupt doctor.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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Rohit is going to find out Raima. He wants to know her address where the mobile number is registered. He wants to track Raima at any cost. He goes to the telecom company and gets the required details. He reaches the address and finds his friends there. He congratulates them for their marriage and asks about Raima. They don’t want to talk to Rohit and kick him out of the house. Rohit begs them to tell about Raima. They don’t reveal anything and shut the door. On the other hand, Sonakshi goes to attend the function at Mhatre’s function.

Mhatre has told her about attending the marriage function and meeting her fans. He lied to her before. Sonakshi learns that he has called her to perform in the bachelors’ party. She gets angry when he sends a short dress for her. She returns the dress and wants to leave. He threatens her that she has to obey him, she can perform him. She refuses to perform in the show. She tells him that she had just come for the short appearance. He tells her that he will expose Pooja’s pictures in the media. He asks her to think what she wants to do. Sonakshi gets helpless. Rohit doesn’t leave and gets in the house again. He asks them to tell about Raima.

They stop him from meeting Raima. They blame Rohit. Rohit asks them about Raima’s condition. They tell Rohit that she is still in the same condition, and its all because of Rohit. Rohit gets hurt when they oust him again. Rohit shouts to them and wants to see Raima once. Raima’s mom doesn’t want Rohit to meet Raima. She decides to shift Raima to some other place. Rohit cries feeling guilty for failing in Raima’s surgery.

Sonakshi gets an idea and calls Mhatre’s wife and daughter there. She knows that he will talk to her by staying in his limits now. She warns him that she will expose his true colors to his family. She refuses to dance in the bachelors’ party. Sonakshi and Rohit will have a chance meeting again. She finds Rohit in drunken state and takes him to the hospital. Sonakshi cares for him.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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