Kumkum Bhagya Patiala Babes and Guddan Highlights

Kumkum Bhagya Guddan and Sufiyana Highlights

Kumkum Bhagya Patiala Babes and Guddan Highlights The never ending party at Abhi’s house finally concludes. Abhi tries to sort Vikram and Pallavi’s fights. He feels Vikram is a good husband, who supports his wife. Pallavi apologizes to Vikram. Meanwhile, Aaliya is insecure that Purab will leave her. She doesn’t want to hurt Disha. Purab feels Aaliya has really changed. He promises that he will always be with him. Disha stays disturbed and doesn’t share anything with Ritvik. She wonders why did Purab get married to Aaliya. Rhea acts as an ideal daughter for Abhi. She wants to be better than Prachi. Abhi gets surprised seeing Rhea’s positive change.

Prachi is happy to hand over the award to Prachi. Sarita’s grandson is coming home to meet her. Pragya assures that she will shop for her grandson. Pragya will be learning Vikram’s truth. She wants to know who is Mr. Mehra. Rhea competes with Prachi and wants the love of both Abhi and Pragya.

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Patiala Babes:

Hanuman gifts earring to Babita. He confesses love to her. He proposes Babita for marriage. She is happy to welcome love in her love. She sings and dances to express her happiness. Minnie gets surprised seeing the big change in Babita. Babita hides the earrings from Minnie. She decides to follow her heart and get married to Hanuman. Babita wants to soon break the decision that she wants to marry Hanuman. Minnie will support her mother.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:

Zainab tries to get some help. She pulls a wire, which disconnects the power. The life support machine gets off. Dr. Sharma checks Saltanat and declares her dead. The family cries for Kainat. They didn’t know this would happen. Rubina gets much hurt and feels like she is losing her daughter. Zaroon slips in shock. Kainat hugs Zaroon and sheds crocodile tears. Ghazala consoles Rubina and Zaroon. Kainat feels she has won Zaroon forever. Saltanat gets the final farewell from the family. Dr. Sharma gets Zaroon’s sign on the death certificate of Saltanat. Rubina calls Zainab and fails to inform about Kainat’s death. She finds it hard to take this tough responsibility. Zaroon feels as if he is losing Saltanat.

He doesn’t know why he is troubled with the strange feeling. Kainat tells him that she is always with him. He tells her that he sees Kainat in her and wants her to be away. He apologizes and hugs her. Zaroon shoulders Saltanat’s funeral. Kainat records the video. She gets happy that she got rid of Saltanat. Sabina meets the family and cries for Kainat. The mysterious person reaches Saltanat to rescue her from the grave.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega: Akshat finally saves Guddan from Antara’s cheap plans. Antara and Guddan have a dance face. Antara plays Guddan’s wardrobe malfunction to shame her in front of the guests. Akshat as Mr. Honda reaches the stage and saves Guddan. He acts as her savior. Guddan doesn’t know that Saraswati is also working for Antara. Akshat fails Antara.

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