Kahaan Hum Rage date for Rohit and Sonakshi

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Picture 1. Rohit falls for Sonakshi while trying to stay away from her and after playing the fake love affair. Rohit and Sonakshi doesn't realize that life is giving them a second chance to explore love.

Kahaan Hum Rage date for Rohit and Sonakshi Nishi doesn’t like Suman. She doesn’t want Rohit to marry Sonakshi. She finds it a bad pairing. Veena likes Sonakshi a lot and isn’t concerned for Suman. She is sure that the relations between both the families will get better once this alliance forms. She doesn’t want to leave this on Rohit. She wants to take Rohit’s alliance for Sonakshi formally. Rohit feels bad to cheat the family. Ajit asks him not to overthink, since he had already cheated the family by hiding about Raima. Rohit agrees to his idea and messages Sonakshi. He decides a dinner date with Sonakshi. She stays busy in the scene. Rohit doesn’t get any response.

He thinks if she has turned upset. Sonakshi checks her phone later. She reads Rohit’s messages and replies him. He gets happy to receive a positive response. Rohan wants to date Pari. He is cheating Tanya. He manipulates Tanya by a good drama. Tanya asks him to invite Pari in Rahul’s birthday bash. He fools his wife. Sonakshi informs Suman that she is going with Rohit on a dinner date. Suman doesn’t react. She gets surprised seeing Veena Sippy arriving home with Shagun. Sonakshi gets happy to meet Rohit.

She imagines Rohit around. She wishes that Rohit confesses love to her. When they meet at the restaurant, Rohit compliments her. He wants to ask her if she can help him with the girlfriend drama. He turns nervous and confesses love to her. She can’t believe it. She thinks if this is true. He changes his version and asks her if she can play his fake girlfriend in front of the family. He tells her that everyone is forcing him for marriage, so he had to lie to family that he loves her. She turns angry when he breaks her wonderful dreams.

She asks Rohit how can he plan such a weird thing. He reveals that its Ajit’s mistake. She asks Rohit to be practical. Rohit calms her down. She doesn’t want to cheat Sippy family. They have an upsetting argument when he reveals his second step of plan, that’s break up after few weeks. Sonakshi tells him that he can’t put her in bad light by blaming her for break up. She doesn’t listen to him. She loves him, but doesn’t want to play the fake drama. She feels Rohit is wrong. Sonakshi meets Veena, who requests Sonakshi to accept Rohit’s love. Rohit is worried to convince Sonakshi.

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