Kundali Bhagya Rishabh to add twists in Preeta’s marriage

Kundali Bhagya Rishabh to add twists in Preeta's marriage

Kundali Bhagya Rishabh to add twists in Preeta’s marriage Sameer realizes that Preeta’s family doesn’t want her to marry Prithvi. Sameer knows that Shrishti is in Karan’s favor. Dadi likes Rishabh, who would be the perfect life partner for Preeta. She doesn’t feel Preeta should marry Karan. She feels Rishabh is more sensible than Karan. Sameer knows that Karan is a gem at heart. He is happy that the family won’t object on seeing Karan as the groom. Rishabh falls in trouble on the way. He faces some goons. He has to reach Preeta’s marriage venue to stop her marriage with Prithvi. He fights the goons and faces a deadly attack. Luckily, he gets saved. Sameer learns about Rishabh going to stop Preeta’s marriage.

Kritika tells him that Rishabh left in anger and maybe he would do something wrong at Preeta’s wedding. Sameer gets the good news that Mahesh is recovering from coma. He worries that Rishabh has learnt the groom’s truth. He doesn’t know why Rishabh wants Karan and Preeta to marry. He gets a misunderstanding. He feels Karan and Preeta are perfect for each other. He doesn’t want to inform Karan. Meanwhile, Janki sights Prithvi in the disguise. She wonders what is he up to when he wanted to stop the marriage. She wants to fail Prithvi’s plans.

She keeps an eye on Prithvi. He instructs his goons to strike at the right time. She wants to expose Prithvi. Rishabh is upset that Karan and Preeta always tried to expose Prithvi, and he never believed them. He regrets that Prithvi is taking revenge on them. He doesn’t want Prithvi to ruin Preeta’s life. Karan gets troubled that the marriage isn’t completing at all. Janki falls in trouble when Prithvi gets away with his plans. Janki gets caught by Prithvi. She wants to inform the family about Prithvi. Karan and Preeta get ahead with the marriage rituals. Preeta gets sensing Karan’s presence around and misses him badly.

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