Kumkum Bhagya Dinner date for Pragya and Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya Dinner date for Pragya and Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya Dinner date for Pragya and Abhi Abhi thinks of Anuradha, Prachi’s mum. He can’t believe about Anuradha’s personality, who judges someone so soon. He believes that she is a sensitive and sorted woman. He feels its Vikram’s mistake to trick Anuradha as Mr. Mehra. He feels none can be like his Pragya. He wants to know about Anuradha. He seriously gets a thought to meet Anuradha. He wonders where did Purab go. Purab and Disha get into an argument over their past. They don’t want any troubles in their present. Disha doesn’t want Purab to claim his rights after long. He wants her to be safe. Last time, when they met, she met with an accident and he rushed her to the hospital. He wants her to at least give him rights to protect her. She tells him that he has done bad to her.

He remarks that she has left from his life by her will. He doesn’t want Disha to punish herself. He goes to drop her home. She gets trapped in emotions again. He feels like dying on seeing her go away. She apologizes to him. They both get remorseful as they always longed for each other. Aaliya awaits Purab. Being on the way, she finds Purab with Disha. She can’t believe this sight. Prachi nd Shahana admire Pragya. Rhea tells Prachi that she wants to have a good reputation. She asks Prachi to stay out of the fashion event. Prachi refuses to accept her orders. Rhea threatens to humiliate her. Prachi gets more determined to win the competition.

Rhea’s warnings go in vain. Rhea and Prachi gear up to clash. Meanwhile, Disha meets Ritik, who is thankful to Purab for dropping Disha safely. Purab finds Disha and Ritik close and gets jealous. Aaliya follows Purab and reaches Disha’s house. She turns raging in jealousy. She doesn’t want Disha to enter Purab’s life again. Purab realizes Disha and Ritik’s bonding. Disha stays alone in her house. When Purab questions her, Disha reminds him the limits. She doesn’t want him to question personal things. Ritik tells Purab about Disha’s ex, who was an idiot to leave her. He doesn’t know that Purab is her ex. Disha gets hyper.

Purab doesn’t want to judge Disha. He asks Disha to keep good friends. She tells him that Ritik is far better than him. Sarita plays the cupid for Pragya and Abhi. She does emotional blackmail to convince Pragya to invite Abhi for dinner. She thinks Pragya and Abhi can meet on the dinner date. Pragya agrees to call Abhi and Rhea for dinner. Sarita hopes that Pragya and Abhi unite.

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