Rishtey Pyaar Kunal reveals the deal Big twists ahead

Rishtey Pyaar Kunal reveals the deal Big twists ahead

Rishtey Pyaar Kunal reveals the deal Big twists ahead Mishti is worried that Kunal has warned her about Kuhu. She wants to derive the meaning from his words. She thinks to call Abir and ask him about Kunal. She finds Kuhu on live video. Ketki shows them Kuhu’s Grahpravesh in Rajvansh house. Maheshwaris get happy seeing Kuhu so happy with Kunal. Mishti happily dances and celebrates Kuhu’s marriage. Vishwamber and Rajshri want to know how did Mishti come back. Vishwamber learns about Mishti getting blackmailed by Meenakshi. He wants to support Mishti. He tells that Abir does everything for family.

Meenakshi and Kunal are similar in their thinking, they do everything to keep their ego high. Vishwamber doesn’t want to obey Rajvansh family from now. Maheshwaris feel sorry to doubt Mishti. Vishwamber chooses Mishti over anyone else. Kuhu waits for Kunal in her room. She wishes to romance Kunal. Kunal gets angry and ignores her. Kuhu asks him why is he unhappy. Kunal asks Kuhu to go to sleep. Kuhu wants to get answers from him. Kunal asks her to go home for Pagphere and never come back to him, since he has just married her but doesn’t wish to keep the relation. He tells her about the deal to marry her.

He reveals that he had eloped from the marriage, but he was compelled by his mum to return. He tells Kuhu that he doesn’t love her and now he will end the marriage. Kuhu can’t believe this. She vents anger on Kunal for his big deceive. Abir and Mishti plan their date. Meenakshi tries to talk to Abir. Abir refuses to talk to Meenakshi. Parul keeps her promise and tries to fix Meenakshi and Abir’s relation. Abir and Mishti will be seen romancing on their date. Kuhu’s world shatters. She doesn’t want to return to Maheshwaris.

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