Kumkum Bhagya Abhigya yearning and fixed meet

Kumkum Bhagya Abhigya yearning and fixed meet

Kumkum Bhagya Abhigya yearning and fixed meet Pragya misses Kiara. She wishes that Kiara was with her. She isn’t angry on Abhi anymore. She wishes that she could be with Abhi. Abhi misses Pragya and talks to her photo. He isn’t angry on her anymore. He feels his mood is happier these days since the good changes in his life are happening. Pragya also feels that she shouldn’t feel him responsible for their past. She thinks of the good changes happening because of unknown person/Abhi. He feels he will be like Pragya wants. He wishes Pragya to come back to him. He feels positivity in life, thanks to Prachi’s mum/Pragya. Abhi and Pragya miss each other.

On the other hand, Ritik tells Purab that he is happy to be Disha’s friend, Disha insults him always and he likes it. He wants to be with Disha all the time. Purab doesn’t want to vent anger on Ritik. Ritik tells Purab that Disha had a heartbreak and isn’t able to move on. He tells that Disha didn’t tell about the person. Purab jokes that he knows about her lover. He doesn’t reveal anything to Ritik. Purab is angry and feels the same love for Disha again. Aaliya doesn’t want Purab to cheat her. She thinks she shouldn’t doubt on Disha.

She doesn’t want to question Purab. She changes her mood when Purab arrives home. He expects him to share things. When Purab hides about Disha, Aaliya gets suspicious. Pragya and Abhi have a chat. She invites him for lunch. She wants to fulfill Sarita’s request. Abhi wants to meet her at the restaurant. She doesn’t think its a good idea. She thinks to invite him if he is free. He is thankful for the lunch invite. He gets careful to reply her, since it shouldn’t look like he is flirting. She ends the chat too soon, which upsets him a bit.

They are still yearning for each other. Aaliya is angry that Purab is lying to her. She wonders if he is really seeing Disha again. Meera learns that Rhea has put Prachi in trouble. Rhea doesn’t want to let Prachi in peace. Meera wants their tensions to end. She doesn’t want Aaliya to support Rhea. Aaliya reaches Disha’s house to meet her. She confronts her about Purab. Disha admits that Purab still loves her and that love can never end. She doesn’t want to snatch Aaliya’s husband. She wants Aaliya to go back if she has come to argue over Purab. Aaliya warns Disha. She reminds Aaliya how she has snatched Purab from her.

Consequently, Aaliya tells her that she believes in Purab. Disha insults her. She tells Aaliya that she is liking the fact that Purab is caring for her. She lies to Aaliya to make her realize the same pain. She triggers Aaliya’s anger. Aaliya doesn’t want to suspect Purab. Disha tells Aaliya that Purab is already cheating her. Aaliya gets instigated by Disha to question Purab. Disha wants to spoil Aaliya’s life just like Aaliya did to her. Will Disha succeed in winning Purab back? Keep reading.

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