Yeh Hai Mohabbaten Sudha returns to challenge Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbaten Sudha returns to challenge Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbaten Sudha returns to challenge Raman Ishita proves that Raman isn’t any imposter. She tells Karan that she had the voice notes sent by Raman. She asks him not to work hard to spy on Raman. She tells Karan that truth serum would be dangerous for Raman. She scolds him for doubting on Raman and risking his life. She asks Karan not to do anything against Raman. Karan apologizes and tells her that he cares for her and wanted to secure her. Raman learns about Karan’s suspicion and is hurt. He yells at Karan for not accepting him because of his face. He asks Karan how can he make his family against him. He feels ashamed that his family is suspecting him. He can’t believe that his children planned to give him truth serum.

The children apologize to Raman. Raman gets enraged and asks Karan to get out of his house. He wants to make Karan believe that he didn’t come to harm the Bhallas. He shouts out his identity. He tells Karan that he can’t spread his doubt in the family members’ mind. He pleads that he doesn’t remember anything, but he can’t see himself as an outsider in his family’s eyes. Karan doesn’t give up. He tells Raman that he cares for Bhallas, he has done everything to secure Ishita. He tells Raman how much Ishita has tolerated in his absence. He tells that the enemy is dangerous and can go to any extent.

He wants to be sure that Raman is real and Ishita isn’t at risk. He tells Raman that he was just taking precautionary measures to support Ishita. He asks Raman to be in his place and think of his move. Raman understands Karan’s true concern and hugs him. He apologizes to Karan. He is happy that Karan is so protective of the family. He feels relieved that someone would be with his family to look after them even in his absence. He tells them that he is Raman, but he can’t prove it. Karan believes his heart and emotions. Arijit gets happy to strike Bhallas again. He is up to a new plan. Bhuvan asks him about his family. Arijit angrily hurts him.

Meanwhile, Bhallas decide to get Karan and Ruhi married. Ruhi gets emotional. Raman wants to meet Sudha to fix the marriage. Raman and Ishita get reminded about the puja by Arijit. Arijit tells them about the puja event. Yug makes sure that the event is a success. Arijit can’t believe seeing them so happy. He can’t see the Bhallas at peace. Raman hugs Arijit to thank him for all the financial help in the project. Arijit tells Raman that he is doing this for his own motives. Karan tells Raman that Arijit had told him that Raman could be an imposter. Raman doesn’t want to trust Arijit. Mani tells him that Arijit is trying to spoil things for them.

Raman tells them that they have to behave well with Arijit, so that Arijit doesn’t doubt on them. Arijit doesn’t want Bhallas to be united. He wants revenge for Neeti. Ishita doesn’t want anything to go wrong in the puja event. Simmi advises her to share Raman’s voice notes with the family so that everyone stays by his side to help him in the event. Ishita doesn’t want to take big risk. She wishes Raman doesn’t commit any mistake in front of the investors. She feels Simmi’s plan is good. Bhallas and Iyers get happy seeing the perfect couple Raman and Ishita. Ishita gets hurt and refuses to complete the puja. She wants Yug and Aaliya to perform the puja.

Arijit wants the spoil the event to make Raman helpless. Raman and Ishita face a new challenge when Sudha returns. Sudha refuses to accept Raman with a new face. She doesn’t believe Bhallas. She refuses to allow Ruhi and Karan’s marriage, shockingly. She pledges to expose Raman as a fraudster. She challenges Raman’s identity, much to Raman and Ishita’s shock.

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