Upcoming Shakti Patiala Babes Muskaan

Upcoming Shakti Patiala Babes Muskaan

Upcoming Shakti Patiala Babes Muskaan Preeto repents that Harman’s child is a kinner. Mahi doesn’t love her child knowing the truth. Preeto gets doubtful when she sees the baby. She loves the baby, who is part of Harman. Harman wants Preeto to raise the child, who is his last sign. Preeto wants Soumya to help her in raising the kinner. She wants to hide the truth. She takes the responsibility. Soumya will be becoming the baby’s mother. She is ready to face all the challenges by the society.


Muskaan plans to run away from Maalik’s house. When the village collector visits Maalik, she asks for the new girls coming to Vidhangarh. Maalik stops Collector from meeting the girls, Muskaan and Chamki. He asks her not to do any mistake and come for Janmashtami function. Muskaan thinks the village Collector can help her in getting her freedom. She plans to meet the Collector when everyone is busy in the function. Maalik tells Hukum that he had sent the girls to Devinand village just to give a fair chance to Hukum. He taunts that Hukum couldn’t win the Dangal. He gives another chance to Hukum to meet Muskaan.

He passes the big challenge. He asks Hukum to win the Dahi handi competition if he wants to meet the girls. Hukum happily agrees to take on the challenge. Ronak informs Gayatri that he is close to reach Muskaan and will get her home. Ronak worries for his good friend Hanumant. He misses Hanumant. Hukum adds more conditions in the challenge to make it tough. Ronak thinks its a big chance for him to meet Muskaan. Hukum cheats and makes Maalik’s team lose. Maalik gets angry. Ronak asks Maalik to give him a chance to deal with them. He promises to win the challenge. Ronak gets the handi with ease by having a high jump. Maalik asks Ronak to go to Muskaan.

Muskaan doesn’t know that Ronak has arrived. She wants to avoid the village men. She acts to faint to plan her escape. Ronak knows her sorrow. Muskaan is rushed to the hospital. She runs away from there. Maalik sends his men to find Muskaan. She seeks help from the police. Inspector informs Maalik about her. Hukum and Maalik try reaching Muskaan first, while Ronak looks for her too. Maalik gets Muskaan home. She is caught in his clutches again.

She realizes Ronak’s presence and gets high hopes. Maalik and his village celebrate Janmashtami. Ronak meets Muskaan with a different identity. He assures to take her home soon. Will Maalik know Ronak’s true identity? Keep reading.

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Upcoming Shakti Patiala Babes:

Babita and Hanuman are getting married. The pre-marriage functions begin in full swing. Minnie is very happy that her mum is settling down with the right person. She performs in the haldi function. She applies haldi to Babita. Minnie wishes Babita all the best for her new life. Babita feels blessed to have a supportive daughter like Minnie.


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