Sanjivani 2 Rahul enters with hidden motives

Sanjivani Vardaan breaks Sid and Ishani apart

Sanjivani 2 Rahul enters with hidden motives Vardaan doesn’t want to waste time on Sid. Sid talks to him for Neeti;s sake, who needs a liver transplant. He tells Vardaan that Abhay’s name got included in the list suddenly, which was unplanned. Sid shows the donor list and tells him that Neeti was waiting since much time for the liver donor. Vardaan asks Sid to call the organ bank and arrange a liver donor for Neeti. Sid tells him that Abhay is related to Vardaan and that’s why he is given VIP treatment. Sid feels its not justice with Neeti. Vardaan doesn’t care for Sid’s lecture. Vardaan tells Sid that maybe Abhay needs the liver badly and that’s why he is given the preference. He asks Sid to find new donor for Neeti. He goes for his meeting.

Meanwhile, Abhay gets flirting with Ishani, while she prepares him for the surgery. Ishani gets angry on him. She threatens to sue him. Rishabh asks Ishani to check if the liver is available for the transplant surgery. Abhay is alcoholic. He is facing a liver failure due to his alcohol addiction. Abhay feels money can buy good health for him. He boasts of his richness. Ishani receives the liver organ and takes responsibility for it. Sid steals the liver organ box to take it for Neeti. Ishani stops Sid and Asha from stealing the box. Sid tells Ishani that his patient Neeti is in need for the liver transplant urgently. He tells Ishani that Neeti was going to get this liver first, but Vardaan got Abhay in between.

Ishani snatches the box from him. Ishani checks the list. She doesn’t know why Neeti’s name was changed. She doesn’t believe Sid. Sid tells her that Neeti will die if her surgery isn’t done soon. He tells that Abhay can survive for more time even without a transplant. He asks Ishani to save a life. Vardaan meets Dr. Rahul, who makes a big donation to Sanjivani. He wants a special wing in Sanjivani. Vardaan wants Rahul to head the luxury ward. He doesn’t want Shashank to interfere in his new plans.

Later on, Neeti gets critical. Asha tries to stabilize her. Sid asks Asha to head Neeti to the operation theatre. He asks Ishani not to get in between his duty. Juhi learns about Vardaan’s meeting with Dr. Rahul. She doesn’t see Rahul. Vardaan is scared that Juhi will see them and inform Shashank. Ishani realizes that Sid has taken the liver to save Neeti. Ishani lets Sid operate Neeti when Sid explains that Neeti is more deserving of the liver organ. Rishabh threatens to get Sid fired from Sanjivani. He stops Sid from operating Neeti. Sid is ready to save Neeti at any cost. Ishani promises to save Neeti without breaking the hospital rules. Ishani finds a new donor for Neeti.

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