Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna Rani’s extreme step

Ek Bhram Pooja to put off the revenge streak

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna Rani’s extreme step Rani becomes Pooja’s enemy for the sake of Kabir. Rani can go to any extent to get Kabir. Rani plays evil. Pooja is happy to know that Kabir is caring for her mum. She tells Amma that she will leave her revenge motives and win the family’s heart with clean intentions. She wants everyone to have belief in her once again. She performs the puja and gives sweets to the family. The family doubts on her intentions. Kabir makes Pooja consume the sweets first. He tells Pooja that she had added drugs in the sweets before as well. He can’t trust Pooja easily. She gets reforming. She knows that its not going to be easy to win their trust.

She sheds tears and realizes her mistakes done in the past. Kabir asks her about the new drama plot. Pooja tells him that she was really praying for the family. Kabir and Pooja have a moment. She acts calm and limits her reactions. She meets Rani. She tells Rani that she will not do anything with Kabir’s family now. She wants Rani to change as well. Rani gets angry on her for snatching Kabir from her. She tells Pooja that she has won what she wanted. She expresses her bitterness towards Pooja. Pooja slaps her. She can’t believe that Rani’s heart is filled with filth. Pooja shares her sorrow with Amma. She tells her about Rani’s bitterness.

She wants to console Rani and convince her. Kabir asks Pooja about fixing the meeting suddenly. She wants him to attend the meeting, since the clients just want to talk to him. He asks her not to decide anything on his behalf. He gets surprised seeing her composed behavior. Suman gets a gun from Pooja’s bag and tells Kabir that Pooja wants to kill him. Kabir points gun at Pooja. He then hands it over to Pooja and tells her that this is the difference between them, he can never kill her. She realizes that Rani has put the gun in the bag to frame her.

She gets angry on Rani, who is clearly hitting on her happiness. Rani accepts that she has done this, she wants Pooja to lose the faith of family. Rani hurts herself and shouts for help. She proves that Pooja has hurt her. Kabir stops Pooja and asks her why is she hurting her own sister. Rani frames Pooja. She tries to earn a point in front of the family. Kabir goes to attend the clients. He avoids Pooja after Rani’s drama. Kabir finds Pooja changing and suspects her. Rani tries to harm Suman to frame Pooja badly. She wants to kill Suman so that Kabir never forgives Pooja.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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