Kasautii Unbelievable Suicide attempt by Anurag

Kasautii Unbelievable Suicide attempt by Anurag

Kasautii Unbelievable Suicide attempt by Anurag Anurag sits on the road and sheds tears of anger and sorrow. Nivedita finds him in middle of the road. She asks him what is he doing and why. He tells her that Prerna has hugged Mr. Bajaj in front of everyone. He senses that Prerna has formed a relation with Mr. Bajaj. He breaks down. Nivedita takes him to the car. Anupam looks for Anurag at the court. Nivedita asks Anurag to answer the call. Maasi’s plans to frame Veena fail. Prerna takes Mr. Bajaj home. Maasi gets afraid to face Mr. Bajaj’s questions. Nivedita worries for her brother. Prerna gets concerned for Mr. Bajaj’s wound. She wants to do the aid without waiting for the doctor.

She apologizes to him for not trusting him. She feels sorry to misunderstand him. He tells her that he had tried to clarify things first, but she didn’t listen to him before. Prerna treats his wound bleeding. Anurag finds them together. Jealousy makes Anurag sink in sorrow. He wishes to get Prerna back. He is hurt seeing her care for her husband. Maasi asks Tanvi why didn’t she stop Mr. Bajaj at the hospital. She feels Prerna and Mr. Bajaj would have got divorced if Veena got jailed. She tells that the plans flopped and now Veena also likes Mr. Bajaj.

Mohini laughs on their superb plans which backfired so badly. She asks Maasi to accept her help if she wants. Maasi and Tanvi make a plan to unite Prerna and Anurag so that Prerna leaves from Mr. Bajaj’s life. Prerna looks after Mr. Bajaj, when he gets hurt. He tells her that he didn’t do anything for Veena, she was innocent and had to get free. He asks Prerna not to thank him. Prerna thinks he is really a great man, but none knows his good heart. Mr. Bajaj meets Anurag. He is happy that Anurag didn’t sign the deal with London clients.

He warns Anurag about the clients. Anurag gets determined to sign the deal. He wants to go back to London to get the big deal. Prerna asks Anurag not to act rude towards Mr. Bajaj. Anurag warns her against falling for Mr. Bajaj. The have an argument again. Tanvi tells Maasi that she has seen a live triangle between Anurag, Prerna and Mr. Bajaj. Maasi tells that if Prerna returns to Anurag, Mr. Bajaj will get rid of her. They get ahead with this plan. Prerna tells Anurag that she called him to get help. He tells that he had send the lawyer to help Veena. Prerna tells him that Mr. Bajaj came on right time and saved Veena.

He taunts her over the hug between Mr. Bajaj and her. She knows he is mistaken. She lets Anurag hate her. She asks him to move on. Nivedita can’t see her brother struggling with the painful heartbreak. She decides to ruin Mr. Bajaj and Prerna’s happy life. Anurag acts as a coward and takes an extreme step of committing suicide. Prerna will learn about Mr. Bajaj and Ronit’s deal to trap Anurag in the fake murder case, so that Mr. Bajaj could compel Prerna for marriage. She will be learning about the attack on Anurag planned by Mr. Bajaj. She will decide to question Mr. Bajaj about his evil deed. Her perception towards Mr. Bajaj changes again. With Anurag’s suicide move, Prerna breaks down. How will Prerna react knowing Anurag’s suicidal move and Mr. Bajaj’s ugly truth? Keep reading.

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