Choti Sardaarni Raabta and Bahu Begum Today

Choti Sardaarni Raabta and Bahu Begum Today

Choti Sardaarni Raabta and Bahu Begum Today Meher leaves the house after getting blamed by the family. Sarabjeet goes in search of her. He learns about a deadly accident of a newly wedded bride. He fears to lose Meher and gets jitters to see the girl’s face. It doesn’t turn out to be Meher, which comes as a relief for Sarabjeet. He gets away from the accident chaos. He hugs her letter and cries. He wishes to find Meher and get her back home for the sake of Param, who is really regarding Meher as his mother. He decides to support Meher in making a new world for their betterment.

Bahu Begum: Khalid tries to tell Noor, but Surayya stops him and takes him away from Noor’s room. Shayra helps Azaan get ready to marry Noor and gives him divorce papers asking him to sign. She says I have fulfilled my promise and says now it is your turn. Azaan thinks he will break one rule of love today. He is forced to marry Noor. Noor and Azaan get married. Shayra asks for divorce. He tears the papers and tells that he will not divorce Shayra. Razia, Noor and Shayra get shocked.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani traces Baab ji’s location following him. She tells Malhar about the man wandering outside their house and Police station stay in Udayvada school. They come to the music school as the music students. Malhar tells the lady that they want to meet Baab ji Guru and has heard so much about him. The lady says if you want to get admission in this school then you have to take music test.

She says if you have voice is powerful then Baab ji will give his darshan surely. Malhar is seen holding the Veena and smiles. Baab ji is one of the mastermind planning the terrorist attack along with Vaman and Ketki. Atul manages to escape and come home. He aims gun at Ketki and asks her to leave Sarthak and his family. Vaman comes and shoots Atul from on his back. Atul falls down. Kalyani cries seeing him dying and is about to lose her father.


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