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Star Plus Highlights Friday Twists Top 2 Sanjivani Sid confronts Vardaan for burning the donor list. Vardaan asks Sid not to spy on him. He tells him that he always keeps an eye on Sanjivani even when he is away. Sid tells him that if Neeti lies because of the delay in surgery, then it will be a murder for which Vardaan will be responsible. Vardaan feels bad for Neeti. He tells Sid that he is helpless. Sid wants to slap Vardaan. He controls his anger. Vardaan tells Sid that he will not spare Sid if he makes another mistake. He asks Sid not to waste his time and get out. Ishani tries to talk to Trisha’s parents to convince them for donating Trisha’s liver to Neeti.

She introduces Neeti’s brothers to them. She gets emotional recalling about her parents’ loss. She asks them to save a life. Trisha’s parents warn her to leave. Ishani begs them to donate the organ. Neeti’s brothers plead to them innocently. Trisha’s parents finally get convinced because of Neeti’s brothers. They decide to donate Trisha’s liver. Ishani informs Sid about Neeti got a donor. Sid rushes to do the surgery to save Neeti. He finds Trisha’s liver infected. He takes the precautionary measures and stabilizes Neeti.

On the other side, Anjali asks Shashank if he has no objection to the luxury wing. He asks her not to come in Vardaan’s talks, who is conspiring badly. Anjali feels Shashank never stayed with her as a father.

Shashank tries to clear her mind. Anjali expresses her bitterness. He explains her the change in perception. She tells him that she is qualified enough and wants his support. He wants to protect her from Vardaan’s plans. Sid and Ishani save Neeti. Neeti meets her brothers. She wants them to go home. Sid sends the kids to his home. Neeti is thankful that Sid saved her. Sid is grateful to Ishani who had arranged a liver in time.

Ishani asks Neeti to thank Trisha’s parents. Neeti thanks the couple, who see Trisha in her. Neeti promises to make them proud some day. Sid and Ishani try to understand each other. Sid tells Ishani about his relation with Neeti. Ishani wants Sid to thank him, as she has won the challenge. She asks Sid to follow the rules. Sid agrees to her word. A man enters Sanjivani with a gun. The guards stop him. Sid and Ishani deal with a new trouble.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.

Star Plus Highlights Friday Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:

Kulfi and Amyra will be meeting the missing kid, hidden in the godown. They get scared of the rats. They get close to find Matka there. The chawl people get scared to enter Sikandar’s chawl room. Sikandar asks them what’s happening. The kids see Matka and get scared. Sikandar tells the people that he didn’t cut the power line. He looks for his daughters. The people think he is fooling them. Sikandar asks them not to be mad. Himmat asks them not to accuse Sikandar without any proof. He hears his daughters screaming.

He runs towards the godown. Sikandar finds them scared and ask the matter. Amyra tells him that a ghost just touched her. Kulfi and Amyra hug Sikandar. Sikandar tells them that ghosts don’t exist. He takes them to the room. He tells them that the darkness always teaches them something. He gives them hope that darkness won’t last long, the morning will bring happiness for them. He realizes his mistakes and want to earn money by hardwork. He asks them if they will support him. They agree to support him. Sikandar is happy to have them. Amyra goes for a bath, while many kids line up in a queue outside the washroom. Kulfi tells Amyra that the assumed ghost was Matka.

The people scold Amyra for emptying the water bank. Sikandar hears the people complaining about his daughters. He apologizes to them on behalf of his kids. The people ask Sikandar to leave. They ask Himmat to kick Sikandar out. Sikandar tells them that he can’t leave like this. Himmat apologizes to Sikandar, since she can’t lose all the tenants. Kulfi stops the people’s shout. She angrily tells them that they are bad people, they don’t listen to anyone and are heartless. She tells them that Matka has run away because of them. Sikandar asks her who is Matka.

The people ask her how does she know about Matka. Kulfi tells them that they have troubled Matka. She hopes Matka is in better state. Matka comes out in front of everyone. The people get happy seeing Matka. Matka defends the chawl people. The people love him a lot. Matka tells them that the people have always given him food and shelter. Kulfi apologizes to everyone and reveals her plan to provoke Matka for coming out by scolding the people. She knew Matka will come to defend his people. Matka tells them that he was hiding to find some living aid.

Himmat asks Matka why did he go when she scolded him a little. Matka unites with the chawl people. They are ready to share their houses with Matka. Sikandar is happy seeing their union. Sikandar sings at an event and gets money. He wants to buy an AC for Amyra. Jimmy’s manager snatches the money from him, since Sikandar has sold the songs rights to Jimmy already. Sikandar’s struggles get on increasing.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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