Tellyreviews Upcoming Top 5 Spoilers 30th August 2019

Tellyreviews Upcoming Top 5 Spoilers 30th August 2019

Tellyreviews Upcoming Top 5 Spoilers 30th August 2019 Patiala Babes: Minnie gets emotional after watching Babita’s Roka ceremony. She couldn’t ask for more at the moment. She feels happy for Babita and Hanuman, who have respect in their relationship more than love. She wishes Babita. Babita gets blessings from Hanuman’s family. She gets an acceptance by one and all. Babita is making a new start. Minnie wants to conduct the mehendi function in a better way. Babita isn’t scared of anything now. She gets confidence by Minnie’s support. Hanuman becomes their strength.

When Babita gets to hear taunts from Lovely Bua, Minnie gives an answer to Bua. She doesn’t want anyone to taunt Babita for her broken marriage. Minnie is sure that Babita’s marriage will be a success. Minnie has faith on Hanuman, that he will always protect Babita’s happiness.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

There will be a new twist in Goenka house. Akhilesh breaks up with Liza so that he doesn’t get exposed in the family. He hides his affair from the family. He doesn’t want Liza to visit Naira and find him in Goenka family. He takes the step to secure himself. Liza shatters that Akhilesh has parted ways. She informs Naira about her break up. She asks Naira to help her, since she can’t live without her lover.

She tells Naira that she can’t give up on her relation, when the break up had no reason. Naira decides to help Liza. She will be exposing Akhilesh’s affair to Goenkas. How will Kartik and Goenkas react knowing Akhilesh’s affair news?

Bahu Begum:

Shayra compels Azaan to marry Noor. He comes up with a big drama to call off his divorce. He doesn’t want to divorce his first wife Shayra. When Shayra doesn’t listen to keep their marriage, he gets a gun to shoot himself. His madness for Shayra shocks Razia and Noor. Azaan loves Shayra a lot. He threatens to kill himself if Shayra gets away. Azaan wants to keep his two wives. He doesn’t want to give any wife’s rights to Noor. He can’t let Shayra go. Razia slaps Azaan to bring him to senses. Razia recalls the past, since the history is repeating itself in her palace. She gets helpless and gives up to Azaan’s madness. Shayra agrees to Azaan’s condition and tears the divorce papers. She wants to secure his life.


Ronak tries to meet Muskaan. Chamki makes him out of the room. She tells Muskaan that someone was staring at her. Muskaan gets disturbed. She doesn’t know about Ronak. Ronak tells Amma that the haveli is so big that he lost his way. Ronak wins Maalik’s trust. He gets a duty to guard Maalik’s godown. He gets happy and thinks to reach Muskaan soon. Hukum wants revenge on Muskaan. He gets angered recalling her slap. Amma tells Muskaan and Chamki that they can never go away from the village.

She informs about Maalik’s success in business. She asks them to come and attend the puja. Muskaan refuses to sit in the puja. She asks Amma to let her return to her husband. Amma asks her to forget her family and accept this new life. Muskaan gets rigid. She wants to fight this battle until Ronak comes. She feels Ronak isn’t aware of her presence in Vidhangarh. She is sure that he will soon find her. Maalik praises Ronak for saving him from a big loss. He asks Ronak to attend the puja. Ronak tells Maalik about the villagers, who are suffering because of Hukum and his fight. Maalik tells Ronak that Hukum is his stepbrother. He reveals about the war between Hukum and his dad.

Ronak asks him to take a peace proposal to Hukum. Muskaan gets an effigy and tells Maalik that this is her husband’s effigy, he is Ronak. He wants to perform puja with Ronak’s effigy. Ronak gets pleased seeing this. Hukum learns about Muskaan’s husband. He makes a plan to trap Muskaan. He takes Nekchand’s help. He tells his plan to call Muskaan at the police station by Ronak’s name. Muskaan scolds Maalik for disrespecting women. Maalik angrily orders Amma to burn Ronak’s effigy.

Amma burns the effigy and calls Muskaan too stubborn. Muskaan tells them that she will always love Ronak. Amma locks her up in the room. Nekchand throws a fake letter from Ronak. Muskaan gets happy that Ronak has come to take her. Ronak goes to Maalik’s godown. Muskaan falls in big trouble when she comes to the police station and finds Hukum. Ronak learns that Muskaan has run away on getting her husband’s note. Ronak gets a shock since he hasn’t sent any note. Ronak tells Maalik that Muskaan is in Hukum’s clutches. He wants to save Muskaan.

Nimki Vidhayak:

Nimki meets Abhimanyu. She sees the demeaning news about her. The assembly wants to take a step against Nimki who takes every political matter lightly. Tiwari and others prove Nimki incapable to handle her post. Abhimanyu tells Nimki that it won’t be easy for her, since the media is also against her. Nimki gets worried seeing the remarks firing at her. She doesn’t want to get tagged as a comedian. She is different and wants to prove her stand. Nimki will be facing her past in the form of Mintu, Babbu’s lookalike.


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