Yeh Rishta Kartik Naira Romance missed out

Yeh Rishta Kartik Naira Romance missed out

Yeh Rishta Kartik Naira Romance missed out Kartik and Naira get ready to celebrate Janmashtami with Kairav for the first time. They romance in the beautiful dream sequence. They express their yearning for each other. Kartik reminisces the good times. He thinks if Naira didn’t leave him and go, they would have been a perfect family. He doesn’t want to forgive her, since she has snatched Kairav’s childhood years from him. He wished to be with his baby since the birth time. He is angry on Naira for taking decisions selfishly. Kartik and Naira’s beautiful moments will be seen in their dreamy romance. Kairav compliments Naira for looking stunning in the traditional attire.

He makes Kartik compliment her as well. Naira senses Kartik has gone too far from her. Kairav asks Kartik to sing praises of Naira. He asks him to be true by his heart. Kartik compliments Naira, which angers Dadi. Dadi asks Suwarna why did she give the traditional clothes to Naira. She tells Suwarna that they shouldn’t involve Naira in the family functions. She wants to keep Naira away from Kartik and Vedika. Suwarna tells that Kairav wanted Naira to be with him, Kartik also wanted her to be with the family.

She feels Dadi has done wrong since Kartik will always love Naira. Kartik doesn’t look at Vedika when she comes to him. Kairav and Vansh get happy to celebrate like brothers. Kairav impresses Dadi by Naira’s teachings. Dadi is happy that Naira has given him good values. Suwarna praises Naira for raising Kairav so well, being a single mother. Kartik and Dadi too realize that Naira has taught him good things. Kairav sings the Aarti during the veneration. Dadi gets pleased hearing him sing. The Goenkas sing and dance family. Kartik and Vedika dance together. Kartik misses Naira. Naira stays alone, far from them. Kairav brings Kartik and Naira together.

Dadi feels sorry for Vedika. Kairav saves a flickering diya. Kartik and Naira assist him. They look a happy lovely family. Kairav reminds them that its Kanha’s birthday. He performs the puja with his parents. Vedika gets upset. Dadi doesn’t know how to make Naira away in the presence of Kairav. Naira explains Kairav that others need to perform the puja as well. Naira takes Kairav with her. Kartik and Vedika perform the puja. Vedika acts positive in front of Goenkas. Naksh arrives in Goenka house to pick Naira and Kairav.

Kartik gets insecure and feels Naira has left along with Kairav. He finds Naira in the house. Kartik gets angry on Naira for cheating him and deciding alone. He blames her for making Kairav away from him. She clarifies that she can’t take the decision alone. Naksh and Kartik get into an argument. Naksh will be seen supporting his sister, while Goenkas stand by Kartik. Naksh accuses Kartik for instigating Naira to leave her family. Kartik misunderstands Naira once again. She wants to explain that she didn’t call Naksh home.

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