Colors Triple Twists Spoilers Prime Shows

Colors Triple Twists Spoilers Prime Shows

Colors Triple Twists Spoilers Prime Shows Bahu Begum Azaan refuses to give divorce to Shayra. Shayra tells him that she will leave from his life and the city. Azaan tells her that he will marry Noor, but he won’t divorce Shayra, they both will be his wives. Razia slaps him hearing his stupid talks. Azaan threatens them and shoots in the air. Razia feels she has gone through the same injustice in her marriage. She doesn’t want Azaan to support polygamy like his dad. Azaan promises to give his equal property and rights to both his wives. He also declares that just his first wife Shayra will have a right on his life.

Azaan compels Shayra to accept his conditions. He threatens about ending his life to convince the family. Noor knows she won’t get Azaan’s love. Noor is happy to get his wife’s title. She accepts the fact that she will just be his responsibility. Azaan tells Shayra that he has kept his promise to wed Noor, and now Shayra has to keep her promise. Noor doesn’t want to lose her childhood friend Azaan, who is the only special person left in her life. Will Noor clear her heart for Shayra after Khalid’s confession? Keep reading.

Bepannah Pyaar:
Raghbir celebrates Janmashtami with the family after a long time. Raghbir and Pragati dance with the family. Pragati wants to believe Raghbir. He gets mistaken hearing her bitter take on her marriage and her. Pragati cries when Raghbir’s taunts her. Raghbir asks her not to cry for small things. He tells her that he was pretending to be drunk, he didn’t drink any alcohol to keep the promise towards her. Pragati wins the challenge and influences Raghbir. Raghbir and Pragati perform the puja together. Dadi finds Pragati similar to Bani, watching her perform the rituals with the same affection.

Choti Sardaarni:
Sarbajeet gets a huge relief on finding Meher fine. He manages to convince her to return home for the sake of Param, who really accepted her as his mother. Meher visits the Gurudwara to vent her pain and pray. Sarabjeet apologizes to her. He was rude to her and didn’t give a chance to her to clarify. Meher returns home after forgiving Sarabjeet.


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