Kahaan Hum Today Highlights Murder mystery twist

Kahaan Hum Today Highlights Murder mystery twist

Kahaan Hum Today Highlights Murder mystery twist Sonakshi plans a grand event for the Sippys on Janmashtami. Netra informs Sonakshi that Mhatre has killed his wife and escaped from the police. Sonakshi can’t believe this that Mhatre was such a dangerous man. Netra tells her that she shouldn’t meet Mhatre ever. Sonakshi is upset since she had met Mhatre’s wife, who was a noble lady. She talks to Rohit and informs about her low emotional state. She shares the bad news with him. Rohit encourages her and asks her to deal with such situations in life. He asks her to stay happy. Sonakshi’s art decorator makes the house look lovely.

Everyone praises Sonakshi for her efforts and looks. Sonakshi asks the family to wear themed clothes. Rohit refuses to her. Sonakshi insists Rohit to take the traditional attire. Suman is worried and feels Nishi was saying the truth. She doesn’t want Sonakshi to marry Rohit. Pari tries to find out from Rohan. He tells her the truth that Sonakshi and Rohit are going to marry soon. Pari can’t believe this. She informs this to Suman. Suman angrily decides to confront Sonakshi. She tells Pari that they will celebrate Janmashtami with Sippy family.

The police finds Sonakshi’s number in Mhatre’s call log. Inspector wants to know Sonakshi’s connection with Mhatre. He wants to meet Sonakshi and investigate the matter. Sonakshi hides Rohit’s clothes, so that he wears the clothes of his choice. Sonakshi and Rohit hear a good song and dance on the tunes. Rohit comes across her in the partly clothed state. Sonakshi lands into an awkward moment. She demands him to wear the clothes of his choice. Rohit agrees to her being helpless. Rohit gets ready for the function. She finds him looking more dashing. She gets jealous when he ignores her and talks to other girls. She imagines a romantic moment with Rohit.

She performs dance with him in the dream sequence. She tells the family that she arranged the dancers, but they refused to come in the last moment. Sippy boys decide to dance in the function. Sonakshi tells that Sippy boys are doctors and may not dance well. Rohit takes her challenge and dances with his family. Sippys conduct the Janmashtami puja. Rohit gets an urgent call from his friend, who discusses Raima’s case with him. He asks Rohit to check the coma patient once. Suman and Pari arrive in the celebrations after Rohit leaves.

Suman scolds Sonakshi for not involving them in her happiness. She asks Sonakshi why didn’t she tell about her marriage alliance with Rohit. She doesn’t react in anger to fail Nishi’s plans. Sonakshi hugs Suman. Suman does a drama to make Nishi apologize to her. Police arrives to interrogate Sonakshi for the murder of Mhatre’s wife. Rohit becomes a support for Sonakshi. He learns about Sonakshi’s big favor to save Pooja’s dignity. He realizes Sonakshi’s hidden noble deeds.

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