Muskaan Ronak Clever Escape plan next

Muskaan Ronak Clever Escape plan next

Muskaan Ronak Clever Escape plan next Muskaan tricks Inder and Kuldeep so that she can escape from Maalik’s house. She wants to go to Ronak. She isn’t aware that its Hukum’s trap. Muskaan apologizes to Inder and asks him to take her to Maalik. She acts like she is feeling much guilty. She talks sweetly and traps Inder in her plan. Inder agrees to take her out of the haveli. Inder hides her from Amma, who is busy in the puja. Muskaan fools Inder on the way and runs to the police station to meet Ronak. On the other hand, Ronak and Maalik meet Hukum with a proposal to end their fights in a peaceful way. Hukum surprisingly accepts their proposal. Maalik is happy that Hukum won’t fight him again.

Ronak feels relieved. He had planned to unite them so that they don’t harm Muskaan in their fight. Muskaan falls in trouble. She gets kidnapped by the police, who take her to Hukum. Inder and Kuldeep realize that Muskaan has tricked them. They try to find Muskaan before Maalik comes home. Ronak suspects the inspector on seeing her strange behavior. Maalik doesn’t think so. He gets a shock when he comes home and learns about Muskaan’s escape. Chamki tells them that Muskaan has gone to meet Ronak. Maalik wonders who is Ronak and if he has come to get Muskaan. Ronak knows its a lie, since he didn’t send any note. He tells Maalik that Hukum has kidnapped Muskaan.

Hukum meets Muskaan and misbehaves with her. He threatens her. She has a belief that Ronak will save her. He learns about Maalik’s arrival at the border. Hukum and Maalik are ready to fight again for Muskaan. Ronak doubts that Hukum has hidden Muskaan. Hukum lies that he didn’t kidnap Muskaan. Ronak follows the police and finds Muskaan captive in Hukum’s godown. Ronak does another favor on Maalik. He wins his trust and wants to plan his escape with Muskaan soon. Maalik doubts that Muskaan’s husband has come in Vidhangarh. He instructs Ronak to find Muskaan’s hand and kill him, much to Ronak’s shock. Ronak doesn’t want Maalik to know his true identity and motives.

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