Shakti Leap Heer Harman Singh introduction Watch Promo

Shakti Tujhse Raabta Zee Manmohini Upcoming

Shakti Leap Heer Harman Singh introduction Watch Promo Preeto gives baby’s responsibility to Soumya. She asks her to oil massage her as she wishes. Harak Singh is shocked. Mahi doesn’t want to be called as Heer’s mother and wants to get rid of her. She stays silent due to Preeto’s threat to make her homeless. Shanno takes baby from Mahi and is about to change her diaper. Soumya comes there and says I will change Heer’s diaper and asks her to leave her. Shanno says I am also here and I will only change her diaper. She asks if Heer will feel bad if I change her diaper. She insists to change her diaper. Soumya gets tensed. Preeto comes and stops Shanno from changing her diaper.

Preeto and Soumya become Heer’s Shakti. The show takes a six year leap, with story shifting to little Heer. Heer feels special to get a protector like Preeto and a motherly figure like Soumya. She feels depressed that Mahi doesn’t love her. Mahi doesn’t want to be known as a kinner’s mother. Heer introduces herself as a special child, named Heer Harman Singh. She loves Harman’s Gulabo, Soumya by all her heart. Her innocence gets protected by Preeto and Soumya, who try hard to conceal the truth that she is a kinner.

Reviewed Rating for this particular twist: 2/5
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