Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019 Gathbandhan Bharat wants to fail Dhanak in her job. He plans to help his friend Kalyan and also prove Dhanak an incapable officer. Raghu and Dhanak face Bharat’s goons, who attack on the police vehicle. The goons kill the constables. They light fire around the car. Dhanak jumps over the fire ring. She faces the goons bravely. She shoots at the goons. Raghu helps Dhanak in the tough time. They want to find the escaped criminal. Bharat’s plan gets successful. Dhanak is called at the station to answer her seniors about Kalyan’s escape.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:

Kainat gets saved from Zaroon’s suspicion once again. Zaroon tells her that she is really Saltanat. She recalls the hardships. She has played the entire game by swapping Saltanat’s blood sample with her blood sample. She thinks she had been prepared for the unseen circumstances. Nadim and Rubina show their belief in Saltanat. Kainat thinks Zainab and Saltanat can never harm them. Indu and Neha are unhappy seeing Saltanat/Kainat. They ask Madhav to take away Kainat. Neha is much hurt as Madhav doesn’t care for her. She tells that he just cares for his dead sister Sakshi. Neha tells Madhav that media may know about Kainat. She doesn’t want the family to suffer more because of Kainat.

Mamoon gets prepared to leave for Canada. He tells Nadim that he got too late, if he left before, then Ghazala would have been alive. He asks Zaroon to come with him. He misses Ghazala. He doesn’t want to lose Zaroon. Zaroon refuses to go. He pledges to get Kainat punished. He tells Mamoon that he will find out the mystery behind the shocking incidents. Mamoon asks Kainat to take care of Zaroon. He makes a leave from the Shah family. Madhav refuses to perform any puja. He takes Kainat to the room. Neha doesn’t want her husband to get after Kainat. Neha knows he is totally characterless. She wants to control him.

She plans to kill Kainat. Zaroon sees his marriage pictures. He angrily dumps the picture. He is depressed too. Kainat consoles him. He sees Kainat in her. He tells her that her face resembles his mum’s murderer. He doesn’t want to see her. She controls her anger. Madhav wants to get justice for Sakshi. He promises Sakshi. He doesn’t want to spare Kainat. Indu demands Madhav to perform the puja. Madhav worships for Sakshi’s sake. Neha tries to kill Saltanat to limit her husband. She puts Saltanat in trouble. Madhav will be saving Saltanat once again.

Nimki Vidhayak:

Nimki gets accused by Omkar Tiwari. Nimki’s light take angers Tiwari. He threatens to kill her. She asks him to forget about her speech. He asks her to change the statement if he wants. Nimki fears that Tiwari can take any mad step. She takes police protection. She gets stressed after Tiwari’s threatening. She goes home. Pichku tells Mintu that Tiwari refused to keep any promise made by Nimki. He tells that Tiwari is kicking out Nimki from the party. Mintu tells Nimki is fooling the people. Dadi asks Mintu why did he save that minister. She tells Mintu to stay away from politics. Mintu wants to know Nimki’s intentions.

He thinks to meet her. Abhimanyu tells Nimki that she is appearing like a joker. She asks how could he say this. He asks her to watch the shocking news, how the media and ministry are mocking her. Nimki learns about the threat to her career. Abhimanyu promises to support her. He asks her to mend her ways instead worrying. Ganga Devi returns to the city and learns about Nimki.


Sabrina attacks Aaliya and Aditya. Sabrina shows her powers to strike them. She creates a havoc in the house. Aditya gets free of her spell. Aaliya gets hurt while saving Gurumaa. Aditya gets protected by Aaliya. Sabrina doesn’t want to spare Aaliya. Sabrina, Aaliya and Gurumaa have a fight. Sabrina hurts Aditya and tries to kill him on knowing his cheat.


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