Kahaan Hum Sonakshi Rohit ultimate moment next

Sonakshi Rohit ultimate moment next
Picture 1. Rohit falls for Sonakshi while trying to stay away from her and after playing the fake love affair. Rohit and Sonakshi doesn't realize that life is giving them a second chance to explore love.

Kahaan Hum Sonakshi Rohit ultimate moment next Sonakshi gets badly caught in a murder case. She goes with the police for the interrogation. Rohit knows Sonakshi well. He can’t believe that she can be involved in any murder case. The Sippy family also support Sonakshi. They don’t know Mhatre. Rohit fails to save Sonakshi. He assures Sonakshi that he is with her. Sonakshi gets happy with his support. She gains strength from Rohit. Rohit follows the police van. Suman also accompanies Rohit. She is worried for Sonakshi. She calls Netra and asks her to arrange a lawyer for Sonakshi. Netra clears out Sonakshi and Rohit’s fake love drama to her. She asks Suman not to hinder Sonakshi’s friendship with Rohit.

Suman wants to teach a lesson to Nishi. Rohit pacifies Suman. He assures that he will stand by Sonakshi and not let anything happen to her. Suman tells him that she faced a similar thing in the past, but she couldn’t save her husband. She wants to save Sonakshi this time. She tells him that she isn’t weak to let Sonakshi face this. Sonakshi gets interrogated for Mhatre’s wife’s murder case. She doesn’t know why she is being questioned. She is asked about her connection with Mhatre.

She tells the officer that she had gone to Mhatre’s house for an appearance in wedding function. She admits that she didn’t charge any money for the appearance. Officer asks her why didn’t she charge money, does she have any affair with Mhatre. She tells him that she doesn’t have any affair, its all false claim. She asks him not to target her without any proof. She tells him that she was being blackmailed by Mhatre and she had to go for the sake of Pooja. Rohit gets adamant to meet Sonakshi.

He tells the cops that Suman is a heart patient and she needs to meet her daughter. Officer asks Rohit and others not to interfere in the interrogations. He asks Rohit to admit Suman in the hospital if she is ill. He wants Rohit to control his emotions and not hinder their interrogation. Rohit calms down and calls a lawyer for help. He seeks help from the minister. He gets permission to meet Sonakshi. He watches the interrogation and learns about Mhatre’s blackmailing. Sonakshi tells the officer that she has gone to Mhatre because of their deal.

She reveals that she had dealt with Mhatre about covering up Pooja’s wardrobe malfunction news. Officer doesn’t believe her. She gets worried. Rohit gets to hear the matter and asks her about Pooja. Sonakshi tells him that Mhatre was blackmailing her about publishing Pooja’s pictures in his newspaper. Rohit and Sippy family come ahead to help Sonakshi. Sonakshi is the main suspect in the case. She asks Rohit to believe her. Rohit tells her that she has to keep faith on him since he will free her from the unwanted interrogation soon. She tells him the complete truth. Rohit assures Suman that he will stay back in the police station and get Sonakshi home. He promises to always be with Sonakshi.

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