Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Upcoming 2nd September 2019

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Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Upcoming The chawl people apologize to Sikandar and want him to stay back with them. Sikandar gets convinced, since he wasn’t leaving the chawl. He has no other shelter after losing the hardearned money to Jimmy. Sikandar thanks the chawl people for support. The people shower love in the form of food, clothes and household stuff. They want to help Sikandar in setting his house. Sikandar refuses to take their help. The people ask him to accept the gesture. Sikandar takes their help on their request. The people come up with another request. They ask Sikandar to sing a song for them since they haven’t heard him singing live ever. Sikandar and Kulfi deliver a brilliant performance live for them. The people praise Sikandar a lot.

Meanwhile, Tony meets Lovely in the jail. She begs him to get her released, she can’t stay there for long. He tells her that he would have helped her if he knew about this unfortunate thing, but he is helpless now. She asks him to at least help Amyra. She doesn’t want Amyra to stay in the chawl. He tells her that he met Amyra and wanted to take her home, but Amyra refused to come with him. He tells that Amyra just wants to be with Sikandar. Lovely gets more saddened. Sikandar asks Amyra and Kulfi to join the school again.

He tells them that Lovely had paid their fees in advance and they can continue the studies in the same school for a year. Amyra doesn’t want to go to old school, since her friends have seen her in the chawl. She fears to lose her good image in the school. She wants to go to some new school. She asks him to arrange an AC for him. Sikandar is worried since he is failing to get an AC. Amyra calls Tony and demands an AC. Tony agrees to help her. Sikandar feels bad that she is demanding things from Tony. Kulfi pacifies Sikandar.

Kulfi tells Amyra that they shouldn’t demand anything. Sikandar tells Amyra that he will fulfill her wish and she need not ask anyone for the favor. Kulfi doesn’t have any demands. Lovely gets attacked by a prisoner. Lovely vents anger on the prisoner. She is angered about Sikandar’s deceive. Lovely fights the prisoner. Sikandar finds new work and sings at some place. He gets money from the manager. He shares his happiness with his daughters. He tells them that he lost the money because of Jimmy, who isn’t sparing him. Amyra and Kulfi encourage him. They join the chawl kids to collect donation from people to plan the Ganesh Chaturthi festive.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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