Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking claim by the newest entry

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman huge plan to backfire

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking claim by the newest entry Arijit finds the fake pandit up to something. Bhuvan meets him and shows the pandit’s photo. He also suspects pandit. Arijit tells him that he has seen the pandit with a patient. He asks Bhuvan to keep an eye on the pandit and get information about him. He doesn’t tell him about the patient or Neeti. He sends Bhuvan. The family is happy for Karan and Ruhi’s engagement. They call the jeweller home to decide their rings. Yug gets a surprise gift. Aaliya asks him if he got this for her. Yug tells her that he has got the gift for Ruhi. Ruhi likes the gift a lot.

She hugs him and thanks much. Yug tells her that he couldn’t get a costly gift for her. He apologizes. Ruhi is happy that he got the best gift. Yug gets emotional. The jeweller identifies Yug. On the other side, Arijit meets Neeti. He tries to see the patient related to Bhallas. Nurse stops him and asks him to leave, he can’t meet any other patient. She tells him that Neeti is sleeping and he shouldn’t wake her up now. Arijit makes a leave. He wants to know about the patient. The jeweller tells Bhallas that Yug sold his jewellery to get the gift for Ruhi. The family asks Yug why did he do this.

Ishita tells Yug that they regarded him a son, but he didn’t accept them as family. Yug apologizes and tells that he had no money to buy the gift. Raman tells Yug that he has equal right on his property as his children. Yug doesn’t want any favor from Raman. He tells Raman that Adi worked hard for the company and had right on the business. He doesn’t want to take Adi’s stake. Raman angrily shouts on him. He wants Yug to accept whatever is given to him. He declares Yug as the CEO of Bhalla industries. Everyone gets happy and congratulates Yug.

Yug hugs Raman and is grateful to him. Aaliya tells Yug that they have to attend a function in the locality. They meet the locality women and celebrate Janmashtami with them. Bhallas also keep a puja for Janmashtami at home. They pray happily that peace and happiness have finally arrived. Arijit tries to meet the patient again. He doesn’t find anyone. He wants to know the truth. Karan and Ruhi get engaged. Ishita and Raman perform a puja. A shocking entry stuns Raman and entire Bhallay family. A woman arrives claiming to be Raman’s wife. What will Raman and Ishita do next? Keep reading.

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