Muskaan Ronak to fight Maalik and Hukum’s evil

Muskaan Huge sacrifice and a shocking punishment

Muskaan Ronak to fight Maalik and Hukum’s evil Muskaan gets saved by Ronak. Muskaan faints down. She doesn’t get to see Ronak. Ronak fights the goons. Collector tells Maalik that Muskaan isn’t in Hukum’s village. Hukum laughs on Maalik who couldn’t handle a girl. Ronak gets Muskaan there. He tells Maalik that he found Muskaan in Hukum’s godown. Nekchand tries to frame Ronak. Ronak asks Nekchand to investigate the matter. Maalik tells Ronak that he will punish Hukum himself. He takes Muskaan home. Hukum wonders how did Ronak know about his secret godown. He wants Nekchand to spy on Ronak and know his truth. Maalik thanks Ronak for rescuing Muskaan.

Doctor tells Maalik that Muskaan is fine. Maalik is happy and permits Ronak to stay in his haveli. Ronak plans to take Muskaan with him. He wants to meet Muskaan. He writes a letter for Muskaan. Chamki feels Muskaan will fall in trouble again if Muskaan gets the letter. She hides the letter from Muskaan. Ronak awaits Muskaan. He doesn’t know that Muskaan didn’t get the letter. He finds Maalik coming to see Muskaan. Ronak hides from him. Maalik gets Ronak’s letter from Chamki. He reads it and learns about Muskaan’s husband Ronak. He finds Inder and Kuldeep hiding in the room. He takes them outside and wants them to be patient.

He tells Ronak that Muskaan is different, she still loves her husband. He shows Ronak’s letter to him and asks him to find Ronak to kill him. Ronak doesn’t tell him that he is Ronak. He tells Maalik that he doesn’t know how Ronak looks. Maalik calls Nekchand and demands him to arrange Ronak’s picture. Ronak decides to save himself from Maalik’s suspicion. Muskaan is ready to do anything to get her freedom. She wants to return to Ronak. Maalik keeps a challenge and asks her to fight Inder in the Dangal. He tells her that she may get free to leave Vidhangarh if she wins the Dangal.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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