Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Natasha stirs a new storm

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein New Challenge for Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Natasha stirs a new storm Ishita and family want to surprise Ruhi. They want to pamper Ruhi a lot since she is getting married in a month. Ruhi enjoys everyone’s attention. Aaliya asks her to keep the face pack. Ruhi wants to eat food and wash off the face pack. Ruhi is happy with her family. Everyone gathers for the Roka function. Karan and Ruhi get decked up for their engagement ceremony. Karan is excited to meet her. He gets happy to know the mahurat is close. He wants to see her once. Bala teases him and asks him to keep patience. Raman welcomes Arijit in the family function. Arijit follows the pandit.

Yug asks Arijit what is he doing in the kitchen. Arijit makes an excuse. He spies on the pandit. Karan gets delighted on seeing Ruhi’s gorgeous look. Karan and Ruhi’s Roka happens, followed by their engagement. Raman and Ishita are asked to sit in the puja. Ishita tells them that she has performed puja with Raman many times, its better that either of the young couples sit in puja. She asks Ruhi and Karan to sit in the puja. Bhallas don’t think Ruhi and Karan should perform puja together before their marriage.

Ishita asks Aaliya and Yug to perform the puja. The family insists Raman and Ishita to carry the puja ahead. When Raman and Ishita sit in the puja, Ishita seems unwillingly. The family receives a big shock when a lady enters the Bhalla house and creates a big storm by claiming to be Raman’s wife. She scolds Ishita for performing the puja with someone else’s husband. The family gets puzzled with the lady’s entry. Arijit clicks the lady’s picture to send it to Bhuvan. He asks Bhuvan to get all the details. He feels Raman is fake and Ishita is hiding something. He doubts on Ishita’s plan. The lady introduces herself as Natasha.

She tells Ishita that Raman is her husband, she was finding him since long. She tells how she was fighting depression after her husband broke their relation. She doesn’t want to end her marriage. She tells Ishita that Raman is her husband and he should leave from Bhalla family. Ishita proves about Raman’s medical treatment and the face reconstruction surgery. Natasha refuses to believe this.

She tells them that she will commit suicide if they don’t let her husband leave from their house. Moreover, she threatens the Bhallas. Ishita worries and wonders if Raman got the face of Natasha’s husband randomly. Natasha calls the police, who confirm about the complaint. Raman realizes that he has got someone’s face, but denies to know Natasha. She provides evidences to testify her claims. Raman can’t believe seeing the pictures of Natasha and her husband. Ishita finds tough to prove Raman’s identity when his face resembles someone else. What will Raman and Ishita do now to prove the truth? Keep reading.

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