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Tellyreviews Spoilers Top 5 for the Day Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Rohit insults his father in his rage. He tells Naren that he knows him well and doesn’t want to become like him. Naren asks him to maintain distance from Sonakshi, who is nothing more than a defamed actress. Rohit asks him why is he discussing about Sonakshi, when he knows nothing about her. He asks Naren not to judge Sonakshi or tag her wrongly without knowing what she has gone through at the police station during the tough interrogation. Naren wants Rohit to stay away from Sonakshi, since this will affect their family reputation also.

Rohit knows Sonakshi is innocent. He wants to save her. He fears to lose her, as he has lost Raima by his mistake. He doesn’t want Sonakshi to get affected wrongly. He asks Naren not to read anything on social media and newspapers. He wants the family to support Sonakshi. He asks them how can they get against her so soon when they were happily wanting him to marry Sonakshi before. He calls Naren wrong when it comes to Sonakshi.

He gets misbehaving with Sonakshi. Veena slaps Rohit and warns him against crossing his limits. Rohit doesn’t know how to handle the situation. Sonakshi also deals with a difficult situation. She faces an insult on the shooting sets. She hears taunts by her co-actors of her show. She doesn’t want the show to lose fame or TRPs because of her. She asks the show producer Netra to replace her with some good actor. Sonakshi finds the people’s real colours in tough times. She believes that just Rohit is true to her and values his friendship.

Choti Sardarrni:

Dolly wants Meher to give tests of her loyalty and dedication towards the family. Meher is ready to do anything for Param’s sake. Param wants Meher to win the games, so that he wins along. Kulwant wants Manav’s child to die. She wants Meher to do the tedious tasks. She gets busy in gaining contacts from Sarabjeet. Dolly knows Kulwant’s greedy intentions and can’t expect anything more. Sarabjeet doesn’t want Meher to undergo any wrong treatment by his family. He cares for her coming child. Sarabjeet proves to be an ideal husband for Meher. Dolly realizes Sarabjeet’s efforts to help Meher. She wants to know why is Sarabjeet protecting Meher so much.

Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush:
Sita takes a step for the women protection and dignity. She wants to empower the women for leading their lives. She wants to change the society’s thinking to judge a woman’s character. She doesn’t want anyone to stop the women from their hardwork. Luv and Kush find the men challenging Sita. Sita accepts the big challenge to get equal rights for the women.


Heer celebrates her birthday with Harman’s photo and Soumya. Soumya misses Harman and cries in his memory. Mahi expresses her hatred for Heer. She warns Heer against coming to her. Preeto attacks Mahi when the latter threatens about revealing Heer’s truth to the family.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:

Saltanat realizes that Madhav had caged her in his house. He tells her a fake story that they were in love before, when he was bringing her home to introduce her to his family, she met with an accident and lost her memory. She gets convinced by his story. He tells her that he will take her to Sufi Dargah where she can connect her heart and soul. He feels she is related to the Shah family and can get her memory back at the Dargah. He takes Saltanat there. She gets few memory flashes of her past. Zaroon visits the Dargah to pray for his wife.

Zaroon doesn’t know that Saltanat is close to him. Saltanat and Zaroon have a hit and a miss. Madhav asks her to keep her identity concealed. He lies to her that she is Kashish. He is mistaken that he is Kainat. He makes Saltanat believe his love. Sneha tries hard to help Saltanat recover her memory, so that Madhav can take revenge on her soon. Saltanat finds some connection with the Dargah. She tells Madhav that she had come there before. Zaroon worries for Kainat, who had lost her face and identity. He feels guilty for her.



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