Star Plus Spoilers Rocking two Highlights Today

Kahaan Hum Accusation Time for Sonakshi

Star Plus Spoilers Rocking two Highlights Today Riya’s mother refuses to divulge the details of her husband since she wants to keep Riya away from him. Sid and Ishani explain her the real need to get Riya’s dad to the hospital. When the lady gets rigid on her decision, Sid’s patience breaks down. He yells at her to know about Riya’s dad, since Riya is close to death situation. He tells her about Riya’s disease and her deteriorating state. He asks Riya’s mum to just think of saving a life than being stubborn. He doesn’t realize that while questioning her about Riya’s dad, he mentions his desire to know about his dad. Ishani gets taken aback and realizes about Sid’s childhood spent without his father. She sympathizes Sid, which angers him further.

He vents anger by damaging someone’s car. Sid behaves in an unexpected manner. He values person’s life more than anything else, but also wants to know the truth. Ishani tells Sid that she will talk to Riya’s mum and convince her somehow. Ishani wants to find out Riya’s disease precisely by conducting the tests. Riya’s mum cries on her past mistakes. Sid expresses the pain which he also went through. He has always been wanting to know about his dad. He didn’t understand his mum’s silence ever. He wanted to answer the world about his dad’s identity. He finds the same situation with Riya.

He feels Riya has a right to know about her dad, just like he had a right to know about his dad. Ishani explains him that he has to change his perception and think being in the mother’s place. She tells him that a woman takes such crucial decision to raise a child alone only for a solid reason. Shashank demands Sid to apologize to Riya’s mum for his misbehavior. Shashank feels Sid’s dad is a loser who had abandoned Sid. He feels proud of Sid and asks him to keep aside his personal issues. Sid apologizes to him and patient’s mum.

Sid hugs Shashank and feels fatherly connection. Shashank wants Sid to focus on his work. Shashank mentors him and gets him on the right path again. Aman and Asha get into an argument when Asha gets desperate to conduct an operation. She wants to get stars on her work profile so that she gets a permanent job in Sanjivani. She gets in the competition to prove herself. She wants to be ahead of Ishani. She doesn’t want to lose in her career and get married to someone randomly. Riya’s mum forgives Sid and shares her love story. She tells about the fraud happened with her. She feels Riya doesn’t deserve to know about such a bad man.

Sid apologizes to her knowing the past. Riya’s mum explains the sacrifices and pain which a mum goes through. She tells him that maybe his mum is also protecting him from some sorrow. Sid realizes where he missed to understand his mum. He calls his mum to make an apology and expressing his love. His mum gets surprised hearing him. She then also knows his emotions and tells how much she loves him.

Sid feels she means a world to him. Sid breaks down and gets in Ishani’s sight. Sid and Ishani decide to punish Riya’s dad so that they can solve the case. They break the rules to save Riya. Sid bashes up Riya’s dad and drags him to Sanjivani to make him apologize to Riya and her mum.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum:

Rohit worries by checking the social media posts blasting over Sonakshi’s scandal. He calls her up to know if she is fine, if the news reached here and started making her upset. She tells him that she didn’t go for her shoot yet, being busy with shopping for Ganpati idol. He is relieved that she is normal and unaware of the bad happenings. He feels upset that she is innocent and facing this defamation. He doesn’t reveal anything to her. Pooja wants to know why is Nishi upset with Akash. Yash doesn’t tell anything to Pooja. He doesn’t want Pooja to know about her real parents.

He requests Akash to give him time until he breaks the complete truth about Pooja’s parents to Pooja and family. Akash agrees to him, but still stays angry on Nishi. Sonakshi and Pulkit get to see the news. She gets disturbed, while he pacifies her. She is strong enough to withstand this. Rohit tries to clear her name by seeking help from police. He finds no way and wants to find Mhatre, who could testify Sonakshi’s innocent. Rohit feels there has to be a way to find Mhatre. Mhatre is hiding at a servant’s house. He wants to fly abroad before police reaches him. Sonakshi doesn’t deter and heads for the show shoot. She faces the media boldly.

She clears that she isn’t involved in any case. Nishi, Naren, Yash and others discuss about Sonakshi at home, which upsets Rohit. Rohit takes a step against Naren’s wrong judgment. He doesn’t want Naren to stain Sonakshi’s name by following anyone random. Rohit and Naren get into a heated argument. Naren is worried for his family reputation, while Rohit is worried for Sonakshi only. Rohit promises to prove Sonakshi innocent. Veena wants to support him. She feels bad to slap Rohit on his misbehavior. On the other hand, Sonakshi faces discrimination by her colleagues. She realizes the troubles increasing because of the police case.

She doesn’t want to tell the truth about Pooja to the media, since that would ruin all her hardwork. She is ready to sacrifice her career in order to save Pooja’s dignity. Rohit will be proving Sonakshi innocent by catching Mhatre. Sonakshi finishes her last shoot in which Parvati’s character is shown committing suicide. Sonakshi breaks down emotionally, and yet sticks to her morals.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.


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