Telly Spoilers Choti Sardaarni Gathbandhan

Telly Spoilers Choti Sardaarni Gathbandhan

Telly Spoilers Choti Sardaarni Gathbandhan Dolly does a new drama that her leg fractured. She tells Sarabjeet that she needs utmost care and wants Meher to be with her. Param, Harleen, Sarabjeet and Meher stay with Dolly to look after her. Dolly wants Meher to be at her service. She doesn’t to leave from Sarabjeet’s house. She tells Sarabjeet that its paining a lot. Meher calls the doctor for Dolly. Doctor tells them that Dolly can’t be able to walk now and will need rest for few months until she recovers completely. Meher orders a wheelchair for Sarabjeet. He gets happy seeing her caring gesture. She tells him that Dolly shouldn’t feel mentally down by getting limited to the bed, she can be mobile again by using the electronic wheelchair.

Sarabjeet likes her thought. Meher puts Param to sleep. When he holds her hand and calls her mum, she gets emotional. She feels much love for Param. She doesn’t want to leave Sarabjeet’s house again just for Param’s sake. Sarabjeet had asked her to leave the house and not give false hopes to his son, since she wanted to leave them by her wish. Meher takes her time to think over her marriage. She decides to give a chance to her relation, though not accepting Sarabjeet by heart.

Dhanak and Raghu get together as each other’s strength. Raghu saves her life from the goons who help the criminal flee. Dhanak gets suspended on her birthday since she had failed to do her duty. She gets off her duty and feels much hurt. Her dreams get snatched from her. Dhanak cries while getting suspended. Raghu begs the commissioner to give another chance to Dhanak. He defends Dhanak. Maai and Bharat are happy that their plan worked. Raghu tries hard to fix things, but in vain.

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    Could any family members of Sarab family be in a similar situation to Meher, and she aids them bringing tensions between herself and Sarab


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