Telly Spoilers Ishq SubhanAllah Patiala Babes and more

Ishq SubhanAllah Bahu Begum Ishaaron Mein Top 5

Telly Spoilers Ishq SubhanAllah Patiala Babes Nimki Vidhayak Nimki takes care of Anaro. Mintu goes to the hospital to collect Dadi’s reports. Anaro waits to meet Babbu. Mintu comes across Anaro. She finds her Babbu in him. She calls him Babbu and gets too happy. She wants to tell Nimki that Babbu Singh is alive. Mintu gets puzzled seeing Anaro’s state. He sympathizes with her state.

Patiala Babes:

Minnie helps Hanuman in meeting Babita secretly. Babita is staying at other place before her marriage. Minnie teases Hanuman and asks him if he wants to meet Babita. Hanuman misses Babita. Minnie wants them to meet and have secret romance. She plays the cupid for them. She takes Hanuman to the neighbor’s house. She hides him on the terrace and tries to get Babita there. She wants their bonding to get strong.

Telly Spoilers Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer wins the initial rounds in the cooking competition. He gains confidence and also believes in Zara’s advice. He gets happiness by pursuing his dreams. He goes for the finals and addresses to the media, who question about his big change. No one knew that Kabeer will step in this field. Kabeer likes the change himself.

He tells the media about adapting to his friend’s perception. He speaks about Zara. Zara is happy that Kabeer is acknowledging her efforts. She compliments him for looking dashing. Shahbaz feels their friendship is nothing but an illegitimate relation. He wants to ruin Zara, who has snatched his son from him. He feels Zara has ruined Kabeer’s life by making him change his career path. Kabeer and Zara are happy to stay as friends. Shahbaz vents anger on Zara, after watching Kabeer and Zara on the news. Kabeer will be seen in a new avatar, all thanks to Zara.


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