Bahu Begum Spoilers Bepannah Pyaar Quick Reads

Bahu Begum Spoilers Bepannah Pyaar Quick Reads

Bahu Begum Spoilers Bepannah Pyaar Quick Reads Azaan tries to convince Razia. She doesn’t support his decision of having two wives. Azaan knows he has done a mistake and also freshened Razia’s wounds by repeating history. He didn’t wish to remind Razia about her past. He gives her a scale and asks her to beat him. He can’t see her upset. He acts like that in childhood. He wants to apologize to him. Razia doesn’t want to forgive him, which would mean she is supporting him in polygamy. He tells her that he loves Shayra a lot and can’t leave her. He wants Razia to punish him.

He refuses to punish him and asks him to get out. She knows the result of his two marriages. She doesn’t want Azaan to go through the same pain as her. She feels his actions are unjustified. Azaan wants to start his mornings by seeing Shayra’s face. Noor gets angered with Azaan’s love for Shayra reflecting. Azaan wants to explain Noor that love isn’t something that can be snatched.

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Bepannah Pyaar:

Raghbir realizes his love for Pragati. He finally moves on over Bani’s memories. He feels Pragati’s love and concern for him. Pragati too forgets her motives when Raghbir’s love gets revived in her heart. Raghbir teases Pragati. They have cute moments. They come closer during the festive celebrations. Raghbir will soon learn that Pragati is Bani. Raghbir and Pragati perform the Ganpati aarti together. They look good together as a couple. Mr. Chadda praise their pairing and click their pictures. Mrs. Chadda gets questioning Pragati. She reminds Raghbir about Bani. She tells about Raghbir and Bani’s pairing. Pragati is Bani and remembers everything well. She feels awkward and knows that Raghbir won’t be liking to hear about Bani further.


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