Kasautii Anurag Bajaj crazy fight for Prerna’s love

Kasautii Zindagii Upcoming Battle for Love

Kasautii Anurag Bajaj crazy fight for Prerna’s love Mr. Bajaj feels getting attracted to Prerna and thinks to limit his heart. He doesn’t want to change his thinking, that would make Prerna suspect his intentions again. He wants to keep the decency always. He keeps distance from her as per his promise. Maasi finds his discomfort and asks the reason for it. He doesn’t tell anything and feels lucky that Prerna is his wife. He starts realizing their marriage relation when he just married her for the sake of his daughter. He finds Prerna handling everything the perfect way. Elsewhere, Anupam and Nivedita have a dance and enjoy. They romance after a long time.

Nivedita prepares for the puja. Mohini wants things to be perfect. Mr. Bajaj wants Maasi to behave well with Basus. He doesn’t want Prerna’s happiness to get less. Maasi and Tanvi feel Prerna is entering Mr. Bajaj’s heart. They don’t want this to happen. Maasi asks Tanvi to try to win Mr. Bajaj’s heart. Tanvi tells Maasi that Anurag is still interested in Prerna, they should help Anurag achieve his love. She is sure that Mr. Bajaj will not spare Anurag for forming this love triangle. Consequently, Mr. Bajaj is really angry that Anurag is making Prerna feel uncomfortable. Anurag remarks that Mr. Bajaj has snatched Prerna, business and house from him.

Likewise, Anurag gets angry on Mr. Bajaj, reminding his bad moves. He asks Mr. Bajaj to fight him than backstabbing. He scolds Mr. Bajaj for putting up an innocent drama always. Mr. Bajaj warns him that he will fulfill his enmity seriously. Anurag doesn’t deter from his stand. He wants Prerna back. He gets adamant to perform the puja with Prerna by planning something. Anupam asks him to forget it and not create any drama. Anurag explains him that he had done Ganpati aarti with Prerna last year, unknown that they are soulmates. He tells Anupam that Prerna is his soulmate and he will perform the puja with her.

He learns about Maasi’s plan to make Mr. Bajaj and Prerna perform puja together. He wants to fail Maasi’s plans. Tanvi acts to find some way to go close to Mr. Bajaj. He feels uncomfortable and stops her tactics. Tanvi gets upset that he doesn’t like her. Prerna helps him. Mr. Bajaj feels like losing his heart when Prerna stands close to him. He avoids the moment. He doesn’t want to accept his feelings for Prerna. Tanvi gets jealous that Prerna always comes between.

Prerna finds his behavior getting weird. Anurag makes a plan to send Mr. Bajaj away. He follows Mr. Bajaj and overhears his phone conversation. He suspects Mr. Bajaj. Moreover, he taunts Mr. Bajaj for attempting to kill him and failing badly. He angers Mr. Bajaj to the extent that their fight begins again. Mr. Bajaj wants to answer him once the puja is done. Anurag makes a way to perform puja with Prerna. Mr. Bajaj knows Prerna is loyal to him. He realizes his feelings for Prerna. He decides to keep Anurag away.

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