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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Kidnapping drama begins

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Telly Snips Today Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Telly Snips Today Sikandar worries seeing the pricey menu in the restaurant. He doesn’t want to upset the kids. He asks the kids to have their favorite food. He tells them that he can cook better things than the dishes mentioned in the menu. He gives the good news that he got the job in the restaurant. He tells that he joined as a musician. This makes the kids happy. Kulfi and Amyra congratulate him. They want to get Ganpati idol home. Sikandar feeds them the food. He gives them a solution. He tells them that they can make an eco-friendly Ganpati idol.

Kulfi likes the idea. He tells them that they shall go home now. He goes to clear the bills and realizes that he dropped the money somewhere. He worries to answer the manager. The manager tells him that the money belongs to him, he dropped it by mistake. Sikandar thanks him for the help. Sikandar clears the bill and takes the kids home. On the other hand, Lovely gets troubled to get kitchen duties. Nihalo tells Lovely that this was her plan to get kitchen duties from the jailer since they need to make an explosion. She tells Lovely that the explosion will help them escape.

Sikandar helps the kids in making Ganpati idol. The chawl people get happy seeing the kids’ efforts. Sikandar surprises everyone by showing the idol. Himmat thanks Kulfi for changing the chawl fate by bringing Ganpati to the chawl. She praises Kulfi. She hopes everything will get better. Lovely hides a note in her foot. Lovely gets help from a jail mate. She wants to know why is the lady helping her. Sikandar and chawl people pray to Ganpati. They make donations for the festive celebrations. Himmat is happy to find happiness in the chawl.


Kulfi tells them that they have to pray to Ganpati that their problems end. She seeks the blessings and takes responsibility of protecting the idol by all her heart. Amyra tells Kulfi that Ganpati should give her AC. She gets happy when Tony brings an AC for her. She feels her prayers got fulfilled. She hugs Tony and thanks him. She wants to enjoy the AC. Tony taunts Sikandar for staying in such a bad house. Sikandar asks Tony to change his thinking or leave. Tony argues for Amyra’s sake. Tony tells Sikandar that he shouldn’t keep Amyra at a bad place. He tells that maybe Kulfi is habitual to stay in such a situation.

He insults Kulfi for ruining Lovely’s life. Sikandar shouts on him and defends Kulfi. Tony wants Amyra to come with her. Amyra refuses to go with Tony. Kulfi feels Sikandar will be upset seeing Amyra taking favors from Tony. Amyra wants to have a good sleep in the cool air. Kulfi makes a plan with the kids. Amyra sees the black smoke coming out of the AC. She scolds Tony and the AC mechanic. Tony promises to fix it. Amyra doesn’t believe it and sends Tony away. She doesn’t want the bad AC. She feels bad with her situation. Sikandar consoles Amyra. Kulfi feels sorry for Amyra. Amyra feels short of her comforts. Sikandar arranges an AC for Amyra. Kulfi and Amyra get differences because of the troubled times.

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