Kumkum Bhagya Aaliya shoots hatred for Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya Muskaan Upcoming Highlights

Kumkum Bhagya Aaliya shoots hatred for Pragya Rhea tells Ranbir that she loves him, as much as he loves her. She tells him that she will be confessing love to him, once he tricks Prachi in love. He wants to get some love lessons from Abhi so that he can try the tips on Prachi. Ranbir loves Rhea a lot and can do anything on her orders. Disha feels happy spending time with Pragya’s family. She laughs after a long time. Ranbir wants to convince Rhea for their relation. He gets lying to Prachi to himself to befriend Prachi. Ranbir and Prachi get into a big argument. He tells her that he would never like her. She doesn’t want to impress him. He speaks all the truth and sends her away unknowingly.

He gets angered the moment he sees her. He feels its too tough to false praise her and win her heart. He meets Abhi to learn about impressing girls. Vikram asks Ranbir not to try such things. He scolds Ranbir for backbiting about him in front of Pallavi. Abhi helps Ranbir with his charming tips. Vikram buys a sports car, which Ranbir asks for. Ranbir wants Vikram to drive his old car. Abhi asks Vikram to handover the sports car to Ranbir. Vikram wants Ranbir to earn it by his hardwork. He makes Ranbir jealous. He jokes that he will remove Ranbir from his will. Abhi loves Ranbir as his son. He tells Ranbir that he will always be there for him.

Ranbir fails to get good tips from Abhi because of Vikram’s coming. On the other hand, Rhea shares her sorrow with Meera. She tells about upsetting Abhi. Meera tells her that Abhi loves her a lot, but he can’t hear anything wrong about Pragya. She asks Rhea to clean her heart for Pragya. Rhea wants to apologize to Abhi. Meera asks her to go to Abhi and apologize to him directly. She asks Rhea to do something good that gives him happiness. Meanwhile, Purab gets to see Disha with Ritvik again. He gets jealous. Disha ignores Purab. He realizes that she is intentionally doing this. He feels sorrowful that he means nothing to her now. He gets heartbroken recalling his past.

Rhea awaits Abhi home. Meera promises to be with her. She sends Rhea and feels she is still too kiddish. Rhea apologizes to Abhi. He realizes his mistake. Aaliya doesn’t want Rhea to think anything better about Pragya. She thinks Meera is trying to clear Rhea’s mind. She gets insulting Meera. She asks Meera not to know about Pragya and others. She wants Meera to just do her work in the house. She threatens Meera. She asks her to stop influencing Rhea. She feels Pragya was a bad woman and there is a reason that she left the family. She explains the dire consequences to Meera.


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