Star Plus Spoilers YRKKH Kulfi Kumar Kahaan Hum

Star Plus Spoilers YRKKH Kulfi Kumar Kahaan Hum

Star Plus Spoilers YRKKH Kulfi Kumar Kahaan Hum Sonakshi brings a Ganesh idol home. She invites Rohit and his family home while she welcomes Ganpati. Rohit and Sonakshi perform the aarti together. Veena is happy for Rohit, while there are many others in the family who started disliking Sonakshi. Sonakshi’s family and Sippys celebrate Ganpati’s arrival together. Ganpati will be taking the problems away from Sonakshi’s life. Sonakshi has much belief in Ganpati. Rohit and Veena know Sonakshi’s truth. There is a big drama about Mhatre’s wife’s murder. Sippys realize the truth and feel bad to doubt on Sonakshi. Sippys are glad that Sonakshi is proved innocent. They learn about Sonakshi’s move to save Pooja’s dignity.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi and Amyra hug and get emotional. Ganpati brings happy moments for them. It can’t get more soothing than this moment for Sikandar. He finds his daughters united like never before. He feels poverty has taught a lesson to Amyra, and made her realize Kulfi’s worth. He is happy seeing Amyra giving her sandals to Kulfi. Amyra sees Kulfi’s discomfort in broken slippers. She gives her favorite sandals to Kulfi. Amyra wants to give happiness to Kulfi. She accepts Kulfi as her sister. Amyra doesn’t want to hold her things and thinks to spread happiness. Sikandar sees the nice change in Amyra. He hugs his daughters. He wants to end the sorrow of his daughters. He is fulfilling his responsibility as a father. He wants to give them a good lifestyle as before by earning well by his hardwork.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naksh gets Teej shagun for Vedika. He tells Vedika that Singhanias are her Maayka, and she is also like his sister. It gets awkward for Naksh when he sees Naira there. He tells Naira that now that situation has changed, he couldn’t bring any Shagun for her. Naksh asks Vedika to celebrate Teej well with Kartik. Naira gets depressed. She accepts the situation. She has chosen this life’s phase by her wish. She stays away from Kartik and Goenkas. She lets Kartik and Vedika celebrate Teej.

Naira and Kartik recall their Teej moments. Kairav sees Vedika applying mehendi and gets upset. He runs to write Kartik’s name on Naira’s hand. He also wants Naira to keep fast for Kartik. Dadi sees the complications and asks him to go with Naksh. Kairav refuses to leave. He gets upset with them. Naira wants to avoid the awkward situations. Kartik and Naira have a face-off. Kairav will be uniting his parents soon. Vedika senses the happy family building up because of Kairav.

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