Bahu Begum Spoilers Azaan turns revengeful against Noor

Bahu Begum Spoilers Azaan turns revengeful against Noor

Bahu Begum Spoilers Azaan turns revengeful against Noor Azaan apologizes to Razia, hoping he gets her forgiveness. He feels Shayra isn’t at fault. Razia doesn’t want him to act foolish. She tells Azaan that Shayra knew about Noor’s emotional blackmail and came in her words. She wants Shayra to see Noor’s truth. Azaan tells her that Shayra will help him break his second marriage with Noor. He wants time to change Shayra’s mind. He feels Noor has taken advantage of Shayra’s goodness. Razia thinks Shayra has got complications in his life. Azaan wants Razia to think good about Shayra and him, since her opinion matters. Noor gets Shayra insulted further.

Azaan takes a step to defend Shayra. He gets on insulting Noor, who snatched him from Shayra on the name of sympathy. Noor and Surayya wanted to ashame Shayra in front of the guests during Mu Dikhai. Azaan completes Mu Dikhai of Shayra, whom he loves truly. Surayya keeps a game and asks them to see who gets the gifts. She writes Noor and Shayra’s names on the board and asks them to check who wins more gifts.

Azaan gets all the gifts for Shayra. Noor ends up getting less gifts and low amount of money in the gifted envelops. Azaan declares Shayra as the winner. He gets close to Shayra, which makes Noor jealous. Noor’s plan backfires completely. Shayra doesn’t answer Noor, but Azaan takes the big step to pay respect to his first wife Shayra. Azaan shows Noor her right place. He knows what Noor plans to do. He warns her against planning any evil drama in the house again to defame their family. Noor gets angered when she gets compelled to accept her defeat.

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