Choti Sarrdaarni Meher Param emotional connect

Choti Sardarni Param Tumour shocks Sarabjeet Meher

Choti Sarrdaarni Meher Param emotional connect Harleen gifts Meher to surprise her, thinking Sarabjeet and Meher’s marriage is a normal one. Meher gets the honeymoon package details and gets upset. She didn’t expect this. She gets mistaken that Sarabjeet too maybe thinking of their honeymoon. She gets lovely dovey gifts and doesn’t like anything. Dolly keeps an eye on Meher to know what’s the truth. Harleen wishes Meher and Sarabjeet to stay happy. Meher vents anger on Sarabjeet because of the misunderstanding. He wants to know if she liked the gift.

He tells her that he is trying to act like her husband for the sake of his family. Meher scolds him for gifting a honeymoon package to her. She tells him that she didn’t expect him to think such about her. He wanted to gift her something else and a mistake happens, which leads to such a confusion. He apologizes to her and also clears her misunderstanding. Later, Sarabjeet gets happy and emotional seeing the unique bonding between Meher and Param. He feels Meher is the right person to become Param’s mother. Meher loves Param a lot.

She takes care of Param as her own child. Param gets attached to Meher. Sarabjeet recalls Meher’s words that she will leave from the house soon. Param connects Sarabjeet and Meher. Sarabjeet fears that this happiness won’t last long. He doesn’t want Meher to leave the family. Sarabjeet gets delighted seeing Param’s happiness, restored after a long time, since he lost his mum. Sarabjeet wants Meher to never leave Param. Meher’s love for Param turns into unconditional once, just like a mother and son. She will be changing her decision to leave from Sarabjeet’s life, only to stay with Param.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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