Kasautii Bajaj introduces Anurag to death SHOCKING

Kasautii Bajaj introduces Anurag to death SHOCKING

Kasautii Bajaj introduces Anurag to death Prerna gets busy in the puja arrangements. Mr. Bajaj is really happy seeing her. He wants to perform the aarti with her. Even Anurag gets a wish to perform the aarti with her. Prerna goes for the aarti and awaits her partner. Mr. Bajaj’s clothes get spoiled because of Anurag’s plan. Anurag gets an invite from Sneha, who wants to perform the aarti with him. Prerna distances herself. She doesn’t want Anurag to get false hopes. Anurag and his family perform the aarti. Prerna rushes to help Mr. Bajaj. She tells him that she is afraid that Sneha may lock herself in the cupboard. She passes the keys and asks him to come for the Aarti. Mr. Bajaj feels connected to her.

He doesn’t want his emotions to get known to her. He doesn’t want to feel for her. He reminds himself the reason for marrying Prerna. He doesn’t want to get more attracted to her. Prerna and Mr. Bajaj perform aarti together. She gets in a dilemma when she sees Mr. Bajaj and Anurag together. She passes the Aarti to them. Mohini is angered on Prerna. She doesn’t like to see her. She feels Prerna is the culprit, who ruined Anurag’s life. Anurag and Mr. Bajaj get into an argument.

Anurag gets threatened once again. He doesn’t feel scared. Anupam hears them and is afraid for Anurag’s life. He asks Anurag not to chase Prerna and forget her. He wants Anurag to be fine. Prerna learns the matter too. Anupam tells Prerna that Mr. Bajaj has threatened to kill Anurag. He tells Prerna that if anything happens to Anurag, then she will be responsible. This gives her tension. She confronts Mr. Bajaj over threatening Anurag. He expresses his anger and tells her that Anurag is really irritating him. She tells him that he can’t hurt Anurag for any reason.

Mr. Bajaj gets more angry that she confronted him by coming in Anurag’s words. He realizes what Anurag is trying to do. He wants to put a stop to Anurag’s plans. Mr. Bajaj calls up Anurag to know his location. Prerna also calls Anurag and asks him not to instigate Mr. Bajaj. Anurag tells her that she has to realize that Mr. Bajaj is a wrong person. She asks him to stay away from Mr. Bajaj. He tells her how Mr. Bajaj has badly threatened him.

He tells about seeing Mr. Bajaj’s car. He soon gets knocked by the car. Prerna learns that Mr. Bajaj had knocked him down purposely. She can’t believe this and runs to see Anurag. She doesn’t want anything to happen to Anurag. She madly runs on the roads and falls down. Mr. Bajaj regrets his move to hurt Anurag in a fit of rage. Shivani gets to witness the accident and learns that Mr. Bajaj is behind the accident. She wants to get him punished. Prerna reaches Anurag and rushes him to the hospital to save him. She doesn’t want to spare Mr. Bajaj for this crime.

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