Shakti Emotional turmoil around Heer’s identity

Shakti Leap Kundali Bhagya Quick Reminders

Shakti Emotional turmoil around Heer’s identity Heer falls in deep danger when she gets caught by the beggars. Mahi puts Heer in the danger to get rid of her forever. Heer gets scared of the darkness and wishes Mahi comes to her. Mahi can’t accept that Heer is a kinner. Soumya and Preeto sense that Heer is in trouble. They want to find her. The kidnappers take Heer with them to turn her into a beggar. Mahi and Saaya come in time and save Heer from the evil women. Mahi fights for Heer for the first time. She seeks police’s help to get the kidnappers arrested.

She didn’t wish such a bad thing to happen with Heer. She feels for her daughter for the first time, because of Saaya. Mahi conceals her emotions. Mahi wants Saaya to take Heer with her and go away. Soumya wishes that Mahi didn’t do anything wrong. Preeto gets relieved on finding Heer safe. She doesn’t trust Mahi. Mahi breaks down after having such thoughts to harm her daughter. Soumya confronts Mahi for her evil move to put Heer in big trouble. She knows the truth that Heer was saving Mahi. Soumya gets to see Mahi’s love for Heer. Saaya and Soumya awaken Mahi’s love for Heer. Saaya gets happy that Mahi started loving Heer.

Mahi accepts that she used to hate Heer before. She feels she won’t be able to give away Heer to Saaya. Soumya gets happy watching Mahi. She tells Mahi that she will always save Heer. She knew that Mahi won’t be leaving her daughter in trouble. She feels her prayers got answered. She wishes that their problems end soon. Heer and Mahi bond well. Preeto faces struggles in concealing Heer’s truth. Soumya doesn’t want to hurt Heer’s heart. She wants Heer to become her own strength. She tells Preeto that Heer can really attend the Kanya puja. Preeto believes in Soumya’s decisions for Heer. Soumya wants to encourage Heer. Soumya and Preeto get worried for Heer.

They enquire with the neighbors’ daughters going to Kanya pujan. Preeto says all girls went to kanya pujan and asks what we will do now. The lady does the girls’ puja. Pandit ji asks them to eat the food. Soumya prays to Mata Rani and thinks how to stop Heer, says others’ devotion shall not break and asks Mata Rani to help them. Heer is about to eat the food. Heer gets happy to attend the Kanya puja. Preeto and Soumya realize that they have to stop Heer from ruining someone’s belief by the big lie.

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