Kumkum Bhagya Raabta Spoilers Zee5 Double twists

Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Zee5 Hits lined

Kumkum Bhagya Raabta Spoilers Zee5 Double twists: Aaliya makes Meera insecure about Rhea and says if she thinks good about her mum then you will not be needed anymore. Abhi asks Prachi to come with them as they are going to book Ganapati idol and asks her to check what is best. Rhea gets upset. Meanwhile, the goon plans to bring the gold consignment to Delhi this time. Other goon tells that security increases a lot in Delhi during Ganapati festival. Later, while the goons are going on the bike, Prachi opens the car door suddenly. The goons stop the bike. Prachi gets down from the car and says sorry.

The goon asks if she can’t see and asks if she is blind. Prachi says sorry and says she didn’t see when she opened the door and says sorry. The goon says if anything had happened to me. Prachi asks why are you getting angry and says she has apologized to him. The goon asks her not to make him angry and is about to slap her when Rhea comes there and shouts at the goon asking him to stop. She comes near Prachi and goons. The goon takes out his knife to stab Rhea and Prachi. Prachi sees Rhea’s soft side towards her.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: At the award ceremony, Commissioner honors Atul’s bravery with his memorial and presents the cheque to Aao Saheb. He asks everyone to be silent for some time. While everyone stands silently. Kalyani laughs shocking everyone. Aao Saheb asks why is she laughing. Kalyani tells that she doesn’t want to remember Atul with Maun Vrat or any sadness, and that’s why she is laughing remembering him.

Later, Malhar is called on stage to receive the award. Kalyani tells that the medal is very special to Malhar and them and she wants a special person to give this medal to him. She announces that the special person is none other than Malhar’s father Baap ji Guru ji Madhav Rane. Everyone turns to Madhav Rane. Malhar is shocked to see his father alive and gets teary eyes. Madhav presents him with an award. After coming home, Malhar confronts Madhav for his doings.


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