Kahaan Hum Cold Storage twist for Ronakshi

Kahaan Hum Cold Storage twist for Ronakshi

Kahaan Hum Cold Storage twist for Ronakshi Rohit gets doubting on Sailesh and tries to know about Mhatre. Sailesh lies to him. Sonakshi bonds with Sippys. She misses the people from her unit. She feels even her friends aren’t coming. She thanks Sippys for coming. Akash helps Sonakshi’s family and makes the Ganpati modak sweets for the guests. Pari tries to bond with Rohan. She gets upset on seeing Tanya. Pari knows Rohan is happily married. Even then, she gets interested in him. Akash gets to hear Sailesh on call with Mhatre. Rohit questions Sailesh again.

Meanwhile, Mhatre tells Sailesh that he has to leave from Mumbai soon. He calls Sailesh home. Sailesh rushes out to meet him. Veena asks Rohit to talk to Sonakshi and cheer her up. Sonakshi tells Rohit that she is feeling bad that her friends and known circle abandoned her so badly. She misses them. She feels no one loves her now. He asks her to better value him and Sippy family, who have come just for her. He asks her if he doesn’t mean anything to him. Sonakshi doesn’t want him to take it wrong. They have a sweet moment. Pooja finds them in love. Nishi breaks the peace in Sonakshi’s family.

Nishi speaks ill about Sonakshi. This makes Suman speak ill about Pari. She revives Nishi’s pain too. She gets angry on Nishi and asks her to leave if she wants. Nishi vents anger around. Yash pacifies her. Rohit learns about Sailesh, who is involved with Mhatre. Sonakshi doesn’t want him to take risk. She wants to accompany him. He asks her to stay at home and attend guests, until he informs the police and catches Sailesh. Netra meets Sonakshi and family. Suman scolds Netra for reaping profits from Sonakshi’s hardwork and then throwing her out of the show.


Suman reprimands Netra for not doing justice with Sonakshi. Nishi intervenes and argues with Netra. Netra angrily blurts out the truth that Sonakshi has fallen into the dirty mess to save Pooja from defamation. Nishi gets emotional and touched knowing Sonakshi’s help. She apologizes to Sonakshi. Rohit follows Sailesh and reaches Mhatre. He informs Sonakshi about Mhatre’s hideout. He soon gets kidnapped. Sonakshi rushes to save Rohit. They both get hiding from Mhatre’s goons.

They get stuck in the cold storage. Sonakshi falls critical by the low temperature. Rohit hugs her and tries to normalize her. They badly face the time and hope they get help from police and family. Rohit pacifies Sonakshi and asks her not to give up hope so soon. Rohit and Sonakshi realize their feelings for each other. Sonakshi knows she loves Rohit. She wishes him to accept his feelings too. She asks Rohit to leave her and go away.

She wants his betterment. He tells her that she is Parvati and can do anything. He asks her to do some miracle. Sippy family is stressed knowing about Rohit’s kidnapping. Sonakshi’s family too worries for Sonakshi. The families get together to find their children. Another big rescue mission starts.

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